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This guy couldn't even manage to take a payment on our cell phone! He transposed the phone number, the soc sec #, and the zip code at least 7 times while entering it, (before he flat out refused to help us altogether).

We ALWAYS pay at the store because my daughters phone is under her brothers account (who lives in Austin). In the past we've been helped without any problem but this guy treated us like we were idiots and basically called us liars about EVER being able to make payments in the store. Gee I'm 100% sure that I physically walked into the store, gave the ph #, and soc sec #, made a payment & have the receipts to prove it! I'm not sure what his problem is but after making TWO phone calls to my son to re-verify that all the information he was entering was correct, Justin flat out refused to take our payment.

Stating that the "system" doesn't recognize the information & making a payment by phone would be a better option! SERIOUSLY?

I have the phone in hand, have all the security information available & the passwords & have never had a problem before YOU! Avoid this guy if you ever go in this place!

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Justin j King illegally got into my account and called and texted me all night. He threatened to flag my account .

He threatened that the cops were coming after me ! Verizon needs to get rid of this unethical "employee".I had to block his number to get him to stop calling and texting.

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