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Once again you have succeeded in delivering the worst customer experience possible. I have had my share of dismal encounters with Verizon Wireless over the past 10 years of being a loyal paying customer.

I will break this situation down as simply as possible. I contacted customer service and was transfer d over to tech support for an overheating Samsung Galaxy S4 on December 6th 2015. I went through all trouble shooting steps, and was told that I would need to switch out my device. I have had many issues with this model and your tech support representative advised me to go to a Verizon Corporate store to have my phone swapped out at no charge because I pay the additional warranty/ insurance on my monthly bill.

I walked into your Queens Center Mall location on December 7th 2015, and of course they did not assist me. They stated that they do not and have not done any warranty or phone swaps in stores for over a year. I am a small business owner and work off my cell phone and it is imperative that it is operational at all times. Wasting a customers time and sending them into a location promising to swap out there phone is not good business.

Having a manager at a corporate retail location advice you that your customer service department does not know what they are doing and that I might as well purchase a new phone since I am there seemed like a used car sales bait and switch. I succumbed because I depend on my phone for work and purchased 2 new phones, Samsung galaxy S6's. Feeling as if I was swindled into walking into a location and made to spend over $1500.00 was not a pleasant experience. The next day my new phone was already starting to act up, I called tech support because it did not allow me to make a call and go online.

A tech support representative was patient and after 2 hours helped me correct the issue on my device but not on my wife's device . He promised to call back the next day at 5:00 PM to follow up, I did not receive a follow up phone call until the following day. This once again did not help with my experience with your company, I continued to have issues with my new device, and once again called in on December 17th because my screen was bleeding. There is no physical damage on the phone, I spoke to tech support they advised me it was a defective device and stated they would send a replacement.

I agreed but was confused as to why I have to pay additional taxes on a replacement device/ phone swap within 15 days of purchasing a new phone and paying taxes. Once again I agreed and paid the extra $50.00 because I can not be without a phone due to work. They stated some backward policy in which I have to pay upfront taxes on a replacement device and that I would be refunded the $50.00 once they received the faulty equipment. I was also told that my device would be shipped out and I would receive it within 2 business days, I would have it on Monday the 21st.

I patiently awaited my device and of course no shipment was made. I had to once again call customer service on the 21st, they then checked and shipped out a device to me, promising next day shipment. It is now the 23rd of December and I still have no phone and I have spent additional money to have a phone. If you were in my shoes I am sure this would not be a pleasant experience.

And sadly this is not the first poor experience that you have delivered to me. I am fed up with the way your company treats good patrons such as myself those who pay $225.00 a month for the past 10+ years, I do not understand how a billion dollar company does not have the correct methods of communication between departments. I also cannon comprehend why a corporate store would not simply read the notations on the account and do whats right for the customer. This is by far the worst experience I have had with any company, and I am still without a phone.

There has to be something that can be done to rectify this situation and I will not waste my time walking in to one of your locations to be given the run around or will I wait for fedex for 2 days to receive my phone. Thank you for ruining my holidays as well as jeopardizing my livelihood.

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service at Verizon Wireless. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $1500 and wants Verizon Wireless to have the product delivered.

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

Also, this reviewer considered the following company: Tmobile. We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Verizon Wireless and verizon wireless service transfer for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

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