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I have been a devoted customer of Verizon Wireless since 1996 until October 1, 2014, when my disabled brother went to a Verizon Wireless store in Arlington Heights, IL. He was having problems with his phone and wanted a new one. My brother is a brain cancer survivor, and has brain damage, and does not process correctly. The employee at the store let my brother order a replacement phone, a new case, and charged my account for the products. My brother is not a signer on my account. They sent me via email, the signed receipt while he was in the store. The picture was very clear, showing his signature over my name. I called the store to ask what was happening and I was instructed to refuse the package. I did not realize was that there were two items purchased, 1 left the store with my brother, the other was sent to my home. The clerk did not even send the purchase to him.

The next day I refused the package, checked my account online, and saw unauthorized charges. When I spoke to the CSR, I was not aware that my brother purchased a case as well. I asked the store to fix the situation, & they replied, “no”, that I would have to come in to the store to verify my identity. A little late.

Since I myself am disabled, I do not have the extra income to pay for their mistake and just make them go away. I suffer with chronic pain, & I have been forced to make unnecessary trips to their store, creating more stress, and this just exacerbates an already bad situation.

Verizon management suggested we separate the 2 phone lines, so my brother and I would each have our own account. I did as instructed, but was told they could not make changes there. I called the prepaid department, converted my brothers’ phone to a prepaid account, and paid the $50 fee (for airtime). However, they did not disclose the change came with an early termination fee which was $140.

Upon receipt of my November 2014 statement, it had more charges. I called again to fix the problem. The employee explained the fees. I suggested to revert everything, and wait for the contract renewal date to convert to prepay. After weeks of complaining, they refunded the early termination fee, but not the $50 prepay fee. I was told to call Corp. CSR, and I had to explain the story again, they sent me to the prepaid dept., and they were not brought up to date, so I explained the whole story yet again. Now I am furious. After all that, the response was that “they do not do refunds.” I could not believe my ears! I went back to speak with the managers who said “Why are we having this conversation again”? As if this was my fault.

Finally I called the CSR again, and asked, “If I close out my account today, how much will it cost to buy out my contract”? I paid the requested amount, and today September 16, 2015, I am still receiving bills & calls. I have spoken to all levels of customer service, including executives, all they say is that there is a “binding contract”. Verizon breached the contract and the trust! I already bought out the edge agreement. Ty, of executive relations said, August 5, “we do not honor agreements that you make with our customer relations team.” Scary!

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $82. jlsjourney9638 is overall dissatisfied with Verizon Wireless. The most disappointing about verizon edge at Verizon Wireless was early termination fees, no problem resolution and unfullfilled promises , but reviewer liked seem to have better coverage than most providers. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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