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I am very disappointed... in Verizon after being a long time customer they have changed there "customer service" mindset and started being rude and not working with there customers!

Not sure why the change but they have become very rude and hard to work with and after 10 years of being a costomer, it is time to move to the next carrier... We had a damaged phone replaced and after finding out it was NOT covered we wanted to return the phone (Days later). Verizon said they would not take the phone back and demanded there $300 for the phone. They would not work with us, talk to us or even discuss the matter.

When we threatened to leave the carrier after many years of service they said "good-bye"... This is not the kind of company I want to do business with and you should think twice! I want to do business with a company that appreciates my money! I will be porting my numbers and taking my business elsewhere....

Sprint - T-mobile - AT&T????

Suggestions??? Petra Monell

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Cheaper data plan=cheap service... or no service..

T-mobile does not work in buildings, Sprint only owns 1/3 of their network, and if you use too much of the part they don't own, they will kick you off, and you have no option, they will just disconnect your line. Att is going to be the same prices with 1/6th the 4g, and not to mention the terrible 3G..

The rest of the prepay *** just sucks... you dont know what you got till it is gone


I am anxiously awaiting my VZW contract to end. After being a customer for about 10 years I am moving on to a carrier with a cheaper data plan. 5 more months and I and the other 4 phones on my contract will finally be free.


They suck anyway. We have them for mobile broadband (more like DIAL-UP) and are dumping them for AT&T next month.

They will no longer honour my military discount. Keep getting disconnected and drag *** download speeds. Their download speed is the SLOWEST of all carriers.

Go get AT&T (and no I do not work for them, nor do I get anything for saying this).

You won't be sorry you did.


Verizon Wireless is closing call centers and outsourcing the customer service calls. The outsourced call centers pay less than 1/2 the hourly wage that the actual Verizon wireless centers pay. And the gap between corporate America and the so called middle class widens

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