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As a new college graduate, I am now looking for permanent and full-time work with a fair wage. I've been looking for quite some time now but my lack of experience has been a serious barrier for me. I feel as though I have a college degree with nothing to show for it, and I am currently working on my MBA. I hope this isn't mistake as I am already having a difficult time finding work with my bachelor's.

At the end of December, I applied for the customer service rep position with Verizon Wireless's call center. It sounded like a great opportunity for someone like me to be able to build a long term career. The salary was decent and there were a ton of benefits. I didn't think that I would even hear from them but when I received an email I was shocked. The email was asking that give the Talent Acquisition Recruiter a call to set up a phone interview. After passing the phone interview, I was invited to take their assessment which I also passed. Then I did another phone interview, which I also passed. The face to face interview also went very well, especially with me not having much work experience particularly in sales and/or customer servicing. The recruiter was ok, not the most friendly person in the world. She didn't seem like she was real fond of me but she answered all of the questions I had regarding growth opportunities and the kind of work environment, and then she escorted me to the lobby and wished me luck. I just knew I had the job. I remained positive and optimistic. The location was much further than I really wanted, but the opportunity felt worth it. I prayed about it.

At almost 2:00 Wednesday morning, I received their rejection email explaining that I was not the best qualified candidate for the position and blah blah. I felt very disappointed but it's out of my control. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. The main issue I am having is the fact that both of my phone interviews went extremely well and I passed the assessment with flying colors, so I couldn't understand what went wrong with the face to face interview. If my lack of experience was the problem, why was this not addressed to me sooner. I figured that they would've seen my lack of experience when reviewing my resume after I applied. I didn't think it was fair to waste my time and gas like that. I would feel differently if things went wrong during one of the phone interviews but after everything to be rejected was a load of ***.

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I would have asked at the end of my face to face interview if my lack of experience that's showcased on my resume caused any concern or left any questions still open. If they said no, then I would politely and subtly remind them how well I did with the assessment and how my personal values align with Verizon's.

I they said yes, I would have explained how certain classes I had taken during college had prepared me for this kind of work. A business, ethics or marketing class would be a great experience to highlight at this time. Just because a person doesn't have direct sales experience doesn't mean they can't sell, because everyday you're selling yourself and your views to everyone around you.

The same goes for customer service, just because you don't have direct customer service experience doesn't mean you aren't stellar at interacting with people. Keep that in mind with future interviews and how to spin your unique experiences into qualifiers for the company you are applying.


VZW does NOT require 6 mo-1yr. I was hired with 0 experience.

But doll, I hate to tell you this, but you are gonna spend a lot of time and gas money before you are finally hired. That's life. But let me put you at ease- be happy you didn't get hired.

In the Alpharetta market they only hire black people. Out of 3 hiring classes...65 people...I was 1 of only 2 white people hired in over a year!!!!!

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You have no work experience ***. Verizon requires 6 months to 1 year. Get over it.

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I have applied many times and gotten as far as the second interview but have only received a thank you but no thanx letter and i have 15 plus years of experience. Perhaps I am to old or experienced. I just wish they would get back to me this time.

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