Cohoes, New York
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I was sent 6 Droid Maxx's by Verizon Wireless, when we received the phones these said phones would not turn on or charge. I just called tech support to see if I can get said phones replaced since they are the ones who sent us defective cell phones.

I was told to bring them to the Verizon Store. I explained that I do not have a car and the only way I can bring them there is if I walked for 3 hours just to bring the phones to them. I really do not see what the problem is with them replacing the phones. Its so simple they send out the replacements and we send back the defective ones.

But its all good. I would like to see them do their job and get the replacements out to use.

This makes so I do not want to do business with Verizon wireless no longer. They are seriously trash and have no respect for their customers, and send out crappy phones that do not work and them refuse to replace them!!!

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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