I bought two Verizon prepaid phones 2 months ago. They double billed billed both phones on the first payment.

Tried to setup autopay on the 1st only to call back to have them not understand how their own system works for 30 days payment periods. It took 12 calls over 2 months to finally get autopay straightened out. During that time I purchased an extra 3Gigs of data because the extra 500MB you get for signing up with autopay never came across on my phone (another reason for so many calls to support.) The MyVerizon web site is terrible. There is little to no explanation of how features are setup to autopay, when I specifically only wanted to pay for 3Gigs one time.

I'm guessing the turn over rate on their customer care people is very high, they are not trained well at all.

Talking to them about simple accounting issues is very frustrating.

I'm a programmer and do several types of programming that involve accounting issues. Speaking to some of these customer care people is similar to paying cash at a fast food restaurant only to have the cashier spend 10 minutes trying to figure out what the change is on an item that is $7.69 when you hand them a $10.

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