I have had an unlimited data plan from Verizon since 2010. I know that they no longer offer new customers unlimited data but my understanding was that existing customers can keep it (if they specifically ask). During my upgrade, the associate who was working with me (Adam) asked if I wanted to remain on my 2GB data plan. I told him, no, I have an unlimited plan. And he said, "Oh, ok, I see that! You've got it." So I walked away assuming I was fine. Flash forward to a few weeks later, and I get my bill which says I have 2GB of monthly data. What? I called Verizon to find out what was going on. They told me there is an unadvertised deal where if you trade in your phone within 2 weeks (I traded mine in day of), and ask to keep your unlimited data, they will do it. After 2 weeks you're SOL. I said that I asked to keep my data AND gave up my phone, and this still hasn't been fixed. I am furious to have lost my unlimited data because of an inept Sales Associate.

I have spoken with the store manager, the district manager, and several phone customer service reps, but have only been given empty apologies ("I'm sorry you feel that way") and have been offered nothing. One phone representative told me that it was basically my fault for signing a contract. I agree that I did sign a contract agreeing to 2GB data, but that was only after my sales rep told me I would keep my data. I asked if I should expect Verizon Sales Associates to lie to me about policies during a sale and she didn't answer that.

I have been told that unlimited data is only available if you purchase a phone at retail price (or get a refurbished one from ebay or something), but I know that is not true because someone else on my family plan upgraded to a Samsung S4 for $200 AFTER I did my upgrade and was able to keep unlimited data.

Anyone who has unlimited data on Verizon, YOU CAN KEEP IT when you upgrade if you speak to the right person. If someone tells you that you can't, ask to speak to a manager or go to another store.

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To Verizon,

I have been absolutely disgusted with Verizon Wireless and their representatives with respect to my account, promises made, information given to me, and resolution of an ongoing issue with my account. I have been forced to call in to call centers 13 times. Every time I have called the representatives have acknowledged that Verizon Wireless was in the wrong and I have been told that they would personally handle my case and get to a resolution that worked for me as an ongoing customer. I have been a customer with Verizon for over a decade now and in the past have retained service with your company even outside of contracts because of the service coverage Verizon offers. In the past I have had other issues with charges and services but have been able to resolve them or else been stuck with Verizon because of service coverage. The current issues have been escalated many times and I have been told repeatedly that 360 Feedback Reports were launched and that an Operation Supervisor would contact me personally to resolve the issues created by Verizon representatives. It is information and promises made to me by Verizon wireless representatives that have brought us to this point. When I decided to purchase a new handset I was forced into a new two year contract. At that point against my will and in protest by me my plan was also switched. I indicated that I wanted to retain my old plan but would sign a new two year agreement. I was promised that the new plan was better suited to my needs and would work out better for me. Before expiration of my 2 week worry free guarantee I recognized that this was not the case and indicated I would like to return the equipment and go back to my no contract previous plans. I was made promises that by logging my complaints and issues that if I would just give the plan some time I would see it will work out but could go back to previous plans if problems persisted. When the problems persisted I called in less than 2 months later saying I still wanted to return to my old plan and return the unwanted handset. At this point a supervisor in the Ukiah, Ca store offer me a plan since I had been a customer over a decade where for $60/month (Customer Loyalty Plan) I would have unlimited calling, unlimited text, 2GB of data usage and all features associated with the new IPhone5 including mobile Hotspot. Hesitant based on past and recent experience I agreed to the information and promises this representative made to keep my business and keep me in the IPhone5 and contract they had sold me. A few months later when I had a need for my mobile Hotspot I found it inoperable. When I called in to make it functional I was told I did not have it. I corrected the representative telling them that I had been told I would have it. From here Verizon’s complete lack of professionalism, inability to stand behind promises and information relayed to me by representatives, lack of customer service, continued denial of an issue, threats, ignoring me in contradiction to promises, and mistreatment began. After 13 calls talking to representatives and their supervisors and being told I would be called back not one time did any Verizon rep or supervisor call back to make right on the situation that has been created by erroneous promises and information from Verizon. It seems that Verizon just made promises and told me what I wanted to hear to get me off the phone and hoped I would go away or be forgotten. As mentioned 360 feedbacks and email were logged and I was guaranteed that an Operations Supervisors would make right where I had been wronged. Every time I called the representatives acknowledged it was Verizon that was in the wrong yet the only solutions they offered were for me to pay more money. Keisha a supervisor from the South Carolina call center finally agreed to give a plan for $70 that would have unlimited call, unlimited text, 4 GB of data and hotspot and charges would not go in excess of $70 /month or $75 with taxes and fees. She even offered me a $60 credit of $10 a month for the first 6 months to offset the difference of my loyalty plan and the new plan she had me on. In addition she said my hotspot would be made active retroactively and I could begin using it immediately and apologized for the wrongs. Again I told her I was hesitant because of past experience but she made promises that she was taking person accountability for this and would monitor my account and ensure it went smoothly from there on. Against my better judgment I trusted Verizon again. As soon as I hung up I tried my Hotspot which again did not work. In addition when I logged into my account I noticed my charges were $110/month. Confused and angry I called back in and was told again that yet another Verizon representative had given me wrong information. That she had overseen a $40 line access fee. I again told them that this was unacceptable and that it needs to be made right. I have continued to call and be polite and professional in the face of lies and promises unfulfilled from Verizon and their representative. I am disgusted and appalled by the way Verizon has handled this situation. It is criminal the way Verizon has managed this situation and issues never taking accountability for the promises and information I have been given by their representative. I feel robbed and molested that I am subjected to giving my earnings over to a company that continues to mistreat me and be unresponsive to their own wrong doings. I essentially feel that they are using the current contract to steal from me by forcing me to continue to pay them for services not rendered as promised. I only agreed to contracts and plans based on what Verizon and their representatives have told me. I would not recommend that any person I know or do business with conduct any business with Verizon or their affiliates if this is the way they handle their customers and business. I work for a large corporation myself and at no time would we treat one of our clients in this fashion, especially a client with who we have been doing business successfully for over a decade. It is the customer and their financial contributions and recommendations that build a successful worldwide corporation. Giant businesses that feel they are so secure by their size that they can mistreat clients are bound for failure and should be dismantled and allow other companies that seek to do ethical client oriented business to blaze the paths of success. I feel that the only fair resolution of this situation and ongoing issue, that I have done everything in my power to resolve, is for Verizon to make right on the promises made. I should be given my $60 unlimited talk, unlimited text, 2 GB of data plan with the use of my mobile hotspot. If Verizon cannot make right on the promises and information given to me by their company representatives then it is Verizon who is in breach of contract and I should be free to seek service with another provider whom I feel will treat me the way a customer should be treated. I do not see how ethically, in good business practice or in good faith we can continue a professional/business relationship if I cannot trust Verizon as a provider and they cannot make right on the promises and information given to me by the company and its affiliates. The fact that I have had to do all the work here and continue to spend my time resolving your issues further exasperates the situation. I have at no point been rude or discourteous to any of the representatives or supervisors I have had to deal with as I over and over again tell the story and I am told by Verizon yes it is they that are in the wrong but still it is I who will not get an equitable solution. I feel hopeless that Verizon will be any better than they have proven to me so far. I begin to wonder what other legal or business options I have to attempt to negotiate a resolution to this situation. Please have someone with the proper authority and knowledge call to rectify this account and my issues. We cannot continue down this current path. Verizon should have more pride in themselves as a company and their clients than to handle business in this manner. I have spent excessive time and resources on my end to explain and justify the situation I have encountered with your company. The negligence and lack of acknowledgement is beyond unprofessional. As I have been told and assured all these details have been documented in my account and all the phone calls recorded. It should be easy for a Verizon Operations Supervisor to review my case records, notes, and recordings to understand and correct the situation that was created by Verizon. I eagerly look forward to an amicable resolution that satisfies both myself and Verizon and offer you the chance to retain the business and recommendations of a customer that has been with Verizon for over a decade contributing thousands of dollars to build the company to where it is today. It is on the back of customers that Verizon is built and develops and without these customers Verizon does not exist.

Severely disgruntled and awaiting resolution,

Customer Service Call History:

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Nicole Joseph Alfreda, Georgia

Debbie Shamira Mobile, Al

Natasha Keisha S. Carolina


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Debbie Cloey California

Erik William Washington St. Seattle

Matt Joyce Tucson

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to clawbo Tucson, Arizona, United States #919369

God you are a ***! No wonder no-one was willing to help you. *** ***

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