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This will be lengthy. I will try to be as concise as possible to warn others if you are thinking about getting Verizon Roadside, just go with AAA.

This is a sequence of events which led to my utter disgust and pounding headache today at Verizon Roadside's gross incompetence/negligence!

5/21: I get a flat tire due to the horrendous roads in Charlotte, NC (that is another story for another day)

I contact VRA to get a tire change but warn the Rep that I have after market wheels and the key is at home. Please make sure the provider can help before setting up service. She assures the provider (Pop-A-Lock) can help after coming back on the line. They get there and casually look at my car and proceed to say if you don't have the key "there ain't much we can do." Beside myself, I ask well why did you even bother? He replies, we didn't know nothing about "rims". I am growing impatient. A few other words are exchanged & they end with "well ma'am, we get paid regardless." By this time I'm pissed! I call VRA let them know what happened, she apologized & cancels the claim. We set up a tow instead. Problem solved.... or so I thought.

The Tow provider is 30-45 mins beyond the ETA. I'm at work and the tire place will be closing soon. I've grown thoroughly frustrated but after a couple of follow-up calls they finally do arrive. We confirm the address and I'm ready to get my tire fixed and go home. I call the Tire Company to make sure it's there, the mechanic replies, "ma'am, there were no drop offs for you." Lo & behold they dropped it off at the wrong location!!!!! Pissed is an understatement now. The Tire company was able to get my car and alas, one problem solved, one more to go... I need that last claim reimbursed. After speaking to VRA they said they would escalate my request, research it and I would hear a decision by mail in 7-10 bus days. No such correspondence was ever received.

Fast forward to 9/16: ANOTHER FLAT TIRE :(

Again I call VRA to get a tow. The automated feature tells me I'm out of claims so I know this won't be a smooth transaction. Once connected the service Rep confirms. I explain why I should AT LEAST have one more claim & get reviews my account, finds the cancelled tire change claim but doesn't know why it's still showing 4/4 claims used. I'm on a tirade now because I'm stuck on the side of a busy interstate during rush hour traffic, with a thunderstorm fast approaching. Supervisor apathetically replies he can't help without paying 89.99 for the tow. I ask will it be reimbursed, he says he can't make any guarantees. I hang up, near tears then I see flashing lights appear in my rear view and think my luck is turning around it's the Emergency DOT.

The guys change my tire, only to find they didn't screw the lug nuts on securely!!!!!! Luckily, I didn't crash my car BUT I did damage my wheel studs! Another unnecessary expense!! On top of missing a day from work to get this resolved!

After FINALLY getting the tire changed after about 4 hours at the Tire shop, I leave exhausted but happy to be done until my car starts shaking. I drive it back to the mechanic that replaced my studs and he recommends I have it towed to my dealership because it's a higher-end car. I break down and go numb because the thought of dealing with VRA outside of a strongly worded complaint has literally drained he life out of me. I call and after repeating this story ad nauseum to 3-4 different people I finally get a tow set up. Enter A&R Towing.

1st the guy tries to get me to pay for a mileage overage I already paid with my credit card to VRA. I get BACK on the phone & they have no record of the payment. WHAT COMPANY DOES NOT HAVE A RECORD OF A CREDIT CARD PAYMENT IN ITS SYSTEM???? I THEN get another call while trying to resolve the overage issue asking if I would pay to use the "wenching" feature because I'm not covered for this. At this point I literally blew a gasket and every expletive you can think of comes out of my mouth! It is 4pm, the dealership is expecting my car at 430pm and my car is tied up to this pulley, not even on the truck, while this backwoods hick sits back and waits for money!! We go back and forth about why he's using this wench/pulley when all he needs to do is drive the car close to the bed and pull it on. He ends up LEAVING MY CAR at the mechanic, I'm still on with VRA and even she is shocked he left. Another tow with Performance Towingis arranged. It's now 4:45pm; ETA is 6:30 pm.

6:30pm comes and I have the unfortunate task of calling VRA again. They don't know why the provider is late. She calls and learns he was called to tow another car on the other side of town?!! I question why wasn't I given a courtesy call, what if I was still sitting in my car in an empty parking lot as night approaches because as per VRA policy, you don't pick up abandoned cars. As usual I get the usual, scripted, insincere "uhhh I don't know but I apologize". I hang up and recall that a persons pay grade really does dictate their level of care.

8:15pm my car is finally on its way to the dealership and I am typing this after I wrote a complaint to Verizon and before I seek the advise of a lawyer!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Wireless Roadside Assistance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Why didn’t you just keep asking for a supervisor until you find one that could help(of course, recording ALL names & direct numbers as you went . . .)?


Why leave your tire lock at home???? Take responsibility for your mistakes and the drama would not have happened#!!

to Myopinion Concord, North Carolina, United States #1304010

Oh the "drama would not have happened" huh? Just because you're a masochist, doesn't mean I'm going to just bend over and ask, "can I have another!?".

Ever heard of mistakes? Ever misplaced your keys? Ever left your wallet in a haste? ***!!

If I had not EMPHATICALLY told the rep about my "irresponsibility" as you put it, I would not have been in such a huff because I would have compounded a legitimate oversight (leaving my lock) with an even bigger problem (not making all parties aware of a potential issue) so alternative providers OR methods could be employed. HER JOB was to inquire, BASED ON HAVING ALL THE INFORMATION AT HER DISPOSAL, if various have a master tire key (like quite a few tire/wheel shops have) so as to avoid that precise incident. And if not THEN I would have bemoan MYSELF further and sought out a non-Verizon Roadside alternative.

Its people like you that are the reason the Service industry is in the crapper. Corporate responsibility is nil!

New York, New York, United States #1277740

Verizon Emergency Roadside Assistance is a total scam. I figured since it was Verizon I could count on them if ever needed.

On 1.27.17 at 6pm eastern standard time in NY. I HAD A FLAT TIRE. I was stuck at the airport and call they acted like no problem, we will call you back in 20 minutes. 45 minutes later I called and they said they still couldn't find someone to come to me and they will call me.

Thank God I still have Mercedes Roadside Assistance, I never even cancelled the Verizon one. Finally by 8pm they came and I was driving where I had to go. I figured out what the Verizon Roadside Assistance Scam is. They collect 4 dollars per month per customer until someone needs them so until than imagine how many customers are paying until someone needs it doesn't get it, cancels it and gets reimbursed the months they already paid.

Imagine how many customers never need it and all that free money Verizon gets to keep. Shame on you Verizon. You guys should be ashamed, using a well known household name to commit a scam like this. I feel bad for someone who doesn't have a alternative tow service.


to Mluchen New York, New York, United States #1277741

Verizon never even called me back to say no one was coming etc..... scam

Hutchinson, Kansas, United States #1212907

Had a similar experience...horrible program! Thought I was covered but was told they could not provide service on I-70!!!!!


The most traveled road in the state and you can't provide service? AAA here I come...

El Cajon, California, United States #1190877

Probably shouldn't keep the key to you lug nuts at home. There are so many different locks for wheels that it would be almost impossible for a tow company to carry them all.

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1183839

Seriously? You had a *** bad day and you're complaining?

Let me just start by saying this. I broke my back around the time you took to write this. You're complaining that nobody could do anything to help you? You have got to be flipping kidding me.

I'm shocked you couldn't just get out your smart phone and call a freaking tow truck! It's not the end of the world. Does it suck? Yeah it sucks, perhaps you can afford a bit more since you have custom rims.

Seems like everyone that came to your assistance was wrong! Perhaps you were the problem. I have no words for you besides get the *** over yourself and learn how to change a freaking tire. Come on it's really not that hard.

People like you are so insensitive to other people's problems!

Take a hike!

to Anonymous Concord, North Carolina, United States #1304021

Get over myself?? You CAN'T be serious!

I wasn't asking for charity! I paid VRA each month for a SERVICE! That is why I was completely upfront about MY mistake and if they couldn't accomplish it at the VERY least, I should have been educated on what was covered, if my request was SERVICEABLE, and/or alternative methods. But oh no, some incompetent half did her job and created an even bigger mess.

Instead of offering to have it towed! WTH would I pay for a different tow company when I was already pay Verizon for that????

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #1182427

first off you should have had your key with the vehicle. (hence why it's called a key) you don't lock up your house with your keys inside do you??

and secondly Verizon can't help it that the companies that came out did what they did. basically you pay Verizon and Verizon contracts the work out. those companies are not a direct reflection of Verizon's service.

though the one that left you stranded with the mechanic should either be fired or their contract should be terminated due to the nature of the service. but next time do yourself a favor and save a headache by having your lock key with the car.

to Anonymous Concord, North Carolina, United States #1304024

You're right! (but to your point, i HAVE locked my keys inside the house before, lol...

you speak as if mistakes don't happen). I fully acknowledge that and that is why I was EMPHATIC in explaining the dilemma so that if VRA could not help, I would employed another company.

to Anonymous Concord, North Carolina, United States #1304025

Oh, I neglected to add that yes, these providers are contracted by Verizon, which is a direct reflection on Verizon because the service is branded under their hugely influential corporate name. Additionally, as a billion dollar company, they should vet these "providers" better instead of someone who underbids just to get the contract and is a crappy mom&pop/fly-by-night/upstart


So, basically, because you're not too bright, left the key to your rims at home instead if the glove compartment like anybody else would, it's Verizon's fault? Hopefully you're a better cook.

to Anonymous Concord, North Carolina, United States #1304026

Ever heard of a mistake?!?! But you're perfect huh? Moronic troll!


I had a great experience with VRA! At a time when things couldnt get any worse, no money, I get a flat tire after dark in a not so safe location driving through town.

I had to pull into a parking lot of a liquor store that was fine with me waiting there. I call VRA and because I had no way to get home they suggested the tow to home and next day tow to tire store. I was able to get home safely and was able to get my tire replaced next day by the tire store, wo did not charge me because the tire was under a 90 day warranty! So Blessed!


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