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I pay verizon wireless for road side assistance & they left me on the side of the road today. Natasha is the one that handled the call she hung up with I'm sorry that all I can do.

I told here what was wrong with the car the lower ball joint on the passenger side broke. I told her the frame was on the ground. She called providers they told her there's no way the frame was not on the ground & they said there was nothing wrong with the car & flat out refused me service. Nobody came to look at the car.

How in the *** they know what is wrong with the car. This happened at4: 51pm they a gene Robin towing is eta 7: 10pm that almost 3 *** hour. This happened in the city of Lafayette la at the corner of Mudd ave. & louisiana ave.

Lafayette Parish sherif dept &Lafayette pd stopped &saw the Frame was on the ground. That can be backed up just like what time the providers in the Lafayette area where contacted, what time I called road side assistance. I had to call a towing co. Out of rayne la which is 26 miles away for 6:40pm I was home with the car delivered in my driveway.

So if you break down in Lafayette la you will have trouble with all these *** hole wrecker services. They do they don't want to work. As far as version wireless road side assistance they owe me some money for all these years I been pay. Not just road side assistance but the providers should all be shut down.

I will hold verizon wireless responsible for the towing bill. They don't want to pay I'll hire an lawyer & haul all there *** to court. Verizon & every provider that flat out refused me service. As for as this Natasha she needs to pack up he r shirt & get out.

The providers that flat out refused me service need to be run out of business.

I told the officer that I had roadside assistance he said they take fo ever. I read your pc agreement you know what you can do with it!!!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of verizon wireless roadside assistance. Verizon Wireless needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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