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I recently tried to upgrade my 5 phones with Verizon Wireless. It took 12 phone calls and a trip to the store and guess what, I still have no phones.

At this point, my next phone will be from AT&T. Verizon Wireless has the worst customer service ever. They promise you things and then deny it. They could care less about you or your money cause someone else will just pay them instead.

It doesn't matter if you are a customer who comes back every two years and pays your bills on time, they still treat you like ***.

Up yours Verizon Wireless. There are other companies out there besides you.

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When dealing with Verizon Wireless or any cell phone carrier always asks about:

1)ANY additional fees & taxes. This includes activation fees.

2)Note the date and time of any conversation with Verizon Wireless representative. Get there first name in the store.

3)Get a reciept & contract at a store or a reciept number, transaction number or verification number from an 800 number/call center. With a call center review exactly what you want and expect to get. Tell them you want a paper contract verifying the transaction for the conversation. Get the representatives name and employee number. Ask where the call center is located.

4)When dealing with a store, check if it's an actual Verizon corporate store or a franchise store(get the name or owner of the company, note that it is a corporate or franchise store in any complaints although Verizon should be responsible for the service. Verizon will also try to dump any transaction/contract/he said she said issues on the franchise owner although they are still ultimately responsible.

I get the impression Verizon only wants Cadillac plan customers wether you are returning or new to Verizon. I know people who fullfilled their contract and kept them for over a year and Verizon didn't do squat for them in the store, they minus well have been a new customer off the street.

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