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I was talked into a 4G LTE phone when I went in to a store with my newly upgraded iphone which lasted a couple weeks before the camera broke. The 4G sounded like a smarter option.

Faster internet browsing, app downloads, etc. Why would pass up the latest technology in service over just having an iphone? Duh! So I switched to a Droid Bionic and paid the restocking charge.

I quickly realized I had made a really bad switch. What the sales person neglected to inform me was that apparently 4G network DOES NOT have the same coverage map as the 3G. I dropped calls constantly in my apartment, my phone was constantly trying to decide between 4 or 3G which only slowed down everything I was trying to do. I was in network bounce around ***!!

AND my maps force quit on me several times while I was driving which only made me more annoyed. I called in several times with complaints and each time was told the similar story...."There is nothing we can do. You will have to wait until your next upgrade to switch phones" because I had a phone that was running on 4G system. 2 years of dropping calls and service ***??

Thanks for your help Verizon!! Finally about 4 months in I was fed up!!! I finally made enough of a stink that one really great customer service rep actually acknowledged the fact that based on my mailing address I should have been informed about the lack of 4G coverage in my area, and she actually got technical support to issue a test and then get me back on a 3G iphone. I was sooooo happy and relieved to be back on a functional phone.....BUT BUT BUT the torture continued.

About a month into my life back on 3G I logged into my account and was horrified to find out that my "UNLIMITED DATA" plan had somehow been changed to a 2 GB plan!!!!! I called customer service again and asked to speak to a supervisor immediately. The man I got on the phone was condescending and made me feel like it was my fault that my plan had changed and I was the ***. Great customer service!!!

I was so irate by the end of our conversation that I couldn't even speak!! His explanation was that I should have read the contract when I was switching to the 4G as the unlimited was no longer available but that they were running a special for a 4 GB data plan at the same rate I was paying for my unlimited and had given me that. Then when I changed back to my 3G network, the promotion was no longer applicable on that network and the closest in price was the 2GB plan!!! SERIOUSLY??????

WTF???? First off, it was NEVER communicated to me that my data package was changing at ANY point during ANY of the changes I was making. That was some major bologna!!!! In addition to still having absolutely horrendous service in my area, my phone roaming at times, and a data plan that I would have never agreed to if I had been informed, I am now waiting again for technical support to come issue another test so that I can get out of my contract.

I was told I would hear back in 24 hours.....that was now over 96 hours ago.

THANK YOU VERIZON for some really terrible and unreliable service! Sincerely -

Monetary Loss: $600.

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