So you have a confusing charge on your verizon wireless bill; you would like to clarify as to how you acquired this charge, so you try to call customer service to clear up the issue. YOU THOUGHT WRONG.

What should be a simple phone call turns into a labrynth of purposefully ambiguous categories (phone charges vs. phone account charges vs. WHEN DOES THIS NIGHTMARE END), and odyssey of various passwords (you will need about five, and the account password is different from the billing password which is different from you account username which is different from the billing identification code). As if this wasn't bad enough, you now have to contend with the true beast of this crazy maze, the bullheaded *** beast.

No, it's not a minotaur, it's a customer service representative. Thought you could celebrate because you are now hearing a real person's voice? YOU THOUGHT WRONG AGAIN. To say that customer service representatives are not helpful is to also say that the department of motor vehicles is a five star day spa.

These people go OUT OF THEIR WAY to throw more obstacles at you to prevent you from ever finding out why you were charged $800. I am convinced that these people aren't so much humans as they are soul-sucking, paper pushing, head-set wearing jack holes who make Karl Rove look like the easter bunny.

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