Verizon has the WORST customer service of any Cellular service company I have ever experienced. They will literally go out of their way to avoid talking to and helping customers, both in store and over the phone (IF you can get lucky enough to actually get someone on the phone).

Hold times can be 1-3 hours, no exaggeration at all. Once I was on hold for an hour and 45 minutes and when I got someone on the phone they couldnt help me and so they transferred me to someone who supposedly could and that person literally hung up on me. After 2+ hours of waiting trying to fix a problem with my account that they caused.

I caught them overcharging me on my bill, charging me for services i didnt have and/or told them to cancel months prior. The only thing they care about is their money, and they charge top dollar, but their service Im most places is about as good as TMobile or worse.

They charge just as much as ATT with cell service thats not as good and customer service thats basically nonexistent.

This one will get you, if you think Im being biased, I used to work for them, Ive activated probably hundreds of phones for them and helped hundreds of customers as a third party employee at Best Buy Mobile and I had been told repeatedly how my service as a third party was 10x better than Verizon employees.

Theyre hot garbage as a company. Id rather drop calls with sprint.

User's recommendation: Any other company is better.

Verizon Wireless Cons: Waiting 3 months or more before trade-in rebate begins, Hold times for phone access usually over 30 minutes, Terrible website, Can not speak to a human being, Being switched back and forth between departments is frustrating.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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