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I have had Verizon for more than 12 years.I have been trying to add a line since 12/23.

I have been hung-up on more times than I can count-no one calls me back but they are my current provider so they even have my number. When I got through finally tonight 1/4 the person who answered could not put the NEW phone I bought in July to a new line when I demanded an explanation he simply disconnected me. When I tried to call again I just kept getting the recording we don't give a *** we're all busy. I am currently paying for six lines so you can imagine my regular bill now and I'm trying to add a line and this is service??

My brother is totally hostile regarding Verizon because of the bad service he's gotten-he went to ATT.

I don't want to change all of the number but this has to be the worst service from any company on earth except Dell.I will try again tomorrow but if the service is bad again I will move all of my service to ATT.

Good luck Verizon - you are the worst and I've had Verizon since 2000.

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