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We had a 'family plan' with 3 phon, mine, my wifes, and my mother-in-law, supposedly for 800 minutes, with calls been the 3 plan phones not counting as charged minutes. Were on the auto-pay option, and when my wife was hospitalized in January 2011, I notice that we were being charged over $400 for a plan that was supposed to be $215. went into our billing, and found that we were being charged over-time for calls that were between the in-plan...
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I liked
  • Seem to have better coverage than most providers
I didn't like
  • Steal and lied
Yep, same problem.Traded in 2 smart phones when transferring from T-mobile. Was told to take picture of the 2 mile long recept, I bought 4 phones, along with otterboxes and expensive chargers. My son took pictures of the receipt and sent it to Verizon. Here it is 6 months later, no rebate, they took my old phones and it ended up costing me around $800 to change service. I thought I was ripped when T-mobile lost 2 phones I sent them through UPS,...
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Verizon Wireless Family Phone Plan Review

Is $25 per line disconnect fee really fair? I had the phones on my family planned disconnected because was going through financial issues. I got my balance to $0 and $125 was added this month for the disconnect fees. Even my tablet got the $25 fee which just uses the data. That is so bad I think and makes it so hard to pay the bill in full each month.