Pure Sabotage, Extortion & Angst: $396.12 total "damage device charge" for my once pristine exterior condition Apple I-5 phone per Verizon, "has a crack on the right side of the glass screen, full length, when we opened the box". (The text upon Verizon receipt of phone, does not state any damages to phone, FYI) How mysterious & I owe, I owe~It was my fault, tho "shipping box undamaged".

So how was Warranty Approved? Verizon could not provide an answer, just pay up! It took numerous CSR's over 6.hrs. of phone calls today till the only female & 'Fixer' I spoke to, listened.

"...the Phone damage was an Approved Warranty, personally Packaged & Shipped by a great Verizon Rep.

at my Local Verizon Store & was UnBroken when shipped..." Now awaiting my full Credit?! (Not holding my breath.) Be Creative & always make the stores Responsible for their own product, not yourself (C.Y.A.).

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