I had an automatic payment returned this month and was introduced to their "cash only" status. This happened 2 times in the last six months and for the whole of my 2 year contract.

I should point out that my bill was about 10 days past due. We had a death and a horrible flu that delayed me. I don't understand why a company is making it harder to pay your bill. They do allow you to call their special financial services to pay with a card but not online.

I have worked collections before for my current employer and I always accepted payments in whatever form I could get them. I think that this policy is not going to serve the company well and It really irritated me. I didn't have a good enough voice to speak my cc number over the phone (which is why paying through the internet would have worked better for me) so I drove down to the store and the Verizon clerk called the number for me and give the card to the "financial services". The sales associates are really nice at the store I went to.

Problem was, I got a collection call a few days later saying the payment had not posted. I called financial services today and found the origial transaction was rejected. Why wasn't I told this at the time? I used the same card today to pay the bill.

I think some of the card information might have been entered incorrectly.

My point is: Cash only status is a huge time waster and Verizon is going to lose my business as a result of such a pointless policy.

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Columbus, Ohio, United States #790488

ME TOO!! What a great idea!!

Make it LESS convenient for someone to pay their cell phone bill!! The reason that I had issues with my bill is because for whatever reason you can't pre-schedule credit card payments, so I would end up being late with payments. Because their AWFUL computer system wouldn't accept my payment when I wanted to schedule it, I got put on cash only...how ridiculous!

Since we are mostly rural, no one else around here has the coverage or Verizon would be GONE from my house.

Leave alone the fact that you can get twice the data and a much better deal through other companies. The only thing keeping me there is the coverage...booooo.


I do not see how this happened to you because i have been paying online for over 1 yr and have never had a problem with paying online

to nunya biz #790484

Yes, Nunya, I like paying online. Wish they would let me do that.

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