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I've been with Verizon for over a year was mislead with fact that this company has the best coverage in the nation well they don't my troubles with this company from the beginning of my so called services started with the iPhone 4 then switched to the iPhone 5c I was told that I'd have to have a so called ghost line which adds an additional line to my contract but that it would only be a one time 10 dollar fee well I was mislead again asked what happen at the Verizon retail store they stated that since I've signed another contract that I've got no choice but to pay for additional fee that exceeded the one time 10 dollar fee well I know have two line by choice and the third with no choice then I'm close to using all my data so I decide to add 2 more gigs so I don't go over I respond to Verizon text for the 2 additional gigs it gets accepted then another message offering 30 gigs came thru which I did not respond to and there computer added on its own call to complain got hung up on 3 times finally the fourth time someone helped a little well long story short my 5c decided not to work anymore so I got an upgrade to the galaxy s 5 first phone was defective so I go a replacement and now that phones not receiving text from my customers I'm self employed and rely on my phone to provide for my family I call to complain and get hung up on over 15 times and sat on the phone two separate times 3 hours each time they blamed apple company then called me a liar and said they compensate me 5 dollars for a month and a half of dropped calls which all the dropped called were from them and no text service to run my business with I've not be lied to be two tech managers who said they were the last line I could complain to and basically if I didn't want to send my brand new phone in for there like new replacement I was stuck with my new non working 800 dollar phone

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Harrison Township, Michigan, United States #878996 must be one of those idiots who sign contracts withour reading them. I have some *** I'd like to sell you for a small fee with nobhidden charges. Who really thinks they can add a 2nd line and get a 700 dollar phone for a one time fee of 10 bucks....does that even sound like something a profitable business would do....poor *** person please read next time.

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