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I bought 2 Galaxy note 2's from Verizon Wireless on the 3rd of this month. I ended getting into a fight with my girlfriend and she then took both of the note 2's and supposedly put them in a sick full of water, come to find out she never did it.

She lied to me to *** me off even more then I was already. So I called Verizon Wireless to try to get them replaced, and told them that i was having issues with the phones before this even happened.

But because I stated that there might be water damage to the phones that I can not get them replaced thru the manufacturer warranty. I want this issue dealt with I paid close to $900 for both of these phones.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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If there is indeed water damage and you admitted the possibility of this, it is not covered under warranty. The warranty is not administered by Verizon Wireless, but by the device manufacturer.

If you send it in and there is water damage, you will be charged for this damage. No warranty includes accidental breakage or damage. A warranty covers manufacturer defect, nothing more. If you were having issues prior to the alleged water damage, you should have addressed it.

When your damaged device is received it is inspected for any and all damage, so if there was water damage after any other issues started, that is the one that trumps all of them. It is not VZW's fault. When your device malfunctions, deal with it right away. The longer you wait the harder it is to get it resolved.

You are not owed anything by Verizon or Samsung, you purchased phones and reported water damage that you now say never occurred. Take responsibility for your actions.

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