Re; My March 4, 2012 complaint.. My husband has switched bill into his name to save 15% from my name to his.

Well it messed everything up and it really did not save any money. All it did was take down on line services and add extra to bill. We switched it back and tried to get back n line services back.

It took 6 calls to 6 different people but a nice man finally got the on line services up after 4 hours of working on it. Horray for this man, he is a GEM to a company that does not deserve him, for I am sure he could do better with his field of knowledge of phones and computors, he should get a raise!

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kristal kurran

The Verizon salesperson told my husband and I this.. "It will not change ANYTHING EXCEPT FOR THE NAME being switched over into his.. The numbers are all the same, billing address same, he even told me that the account # would remain the same plus axcess to on bill on line would remain the same." HE LIED !!!!!


So you thought changing the entire account, and setting it up in someone's social was not going to change things?!? It is not just a name change when you transfer all services with any company..

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