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whoever said this was BS is full of ***! This happened and exactly as stated below - Verizon is a silo'd process driven company that DOES NOT give any employee any autonomy much less enable them to do the job the correct way.

At this point I'm glad it happened; i have had nothing but an excellent experience with AT&T and the plan i got there actually got me a better corporate discount than i would have had with Verizon.

In this day and age, with identity theft and privacy such a major issues (let's face it this could have been such a PR nightmare for them had i followed their written instructions and someone stole my identity - that is called liability!) why would you not work with a customer? Why was AT&T (as well as bank of America and Chase) able to handle new account setups with no issues at all and Verizon could not?

Original review posted by user Jun 28, 2013

as a prior US Cellular customer i was forced to change since they sold the Chicago market. My first choice was Verizon where my company had a discount. I went in, knew exactly what i wanted still spent a long time being up-sold, which didn't work.

Then the clerk filled out the application without me approving it and because i go by my middle name at work (thus on my id badge) she did not enter apparently what was on the driver's license which matches my SSN for credit checking. Verizon credit comes back and says i have to FAX or EMAIL my SSN card....yep send my full social security number on my card to some person i don't now via an open transmission line.

I tried everything to clear this up; called customer service, escalated to another area even had my employer contact. Customer service also completed the required identify check since i have a low level alert on my account (the same process that banks use to issue credit cards with much higher limits).

No one with Verizon credit would talk with me nor would they give me a telephone number.

I was not allowed to correct the error on the application

I was told the store could not verify my identify by seeing my ssn (they weren't trustworthy enough - and yes that is a direct quote).

finally i was told okay, don't fax your SSN but pay us $400 and maybe we'll give it back at the end of the year!

My credit rating is well over 740; why would i pay that fee?

I walked over to AT&T; and was out the door in 90 minutes (no deposit mind you) and they were very busy. I'll end up paying a little more per month but at least they treated me with respect; Verizon did not nor do they apparently trust their employees or care about the current Privacy laws

I will say that everyone i spoke with at Verizon did their best but that company apparently DOES NOT empower their associates and DOES NOT allow customers to talk directly with credit and basically does not appear to follow privacy regulations.

How *** do they think i am....sending a full SSN over fax or email? Get real

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Norcross, Georgia, United States #956680

I had an even worse experience.

I went in the Verizon store yesterday and they told me the exact same thing: to fax the SSN card.

To start with that should be illegal.

the number is correct and corresponds with my name. On the physical SSN card it even mentions that you should never carry it with you.

I came back today with my SSN card to find out that they also need a utility bill.

I have a credit rating of 720+ and I even want everything prepaid

Seriously Verizon, you don't want customers and you arrogance is immense. I will do everything I can to convince other people not to go for Verizon.

Flower Mound, Texas, United States #835909

I had a similar experience yesterday. I walked into an empty Verizon store in a busy shopping area.

The associated requested me to fill out the SSN number on the application on a table. Everything was going smoothly until almost at the end of transaction, he asked me to handover the original SSN card issued by the Government. I do not carry the SSN cards with me all the time; he told me that the system will not let him proceed with the sale until I go home and bring the original SSN card. Although that process was the perfect explanation of why the Verizon store had no customers, it makes you check your government issued card physically and if you do not have one, you should request one from Government so that you can buy a Verizon cell phone service.

I do not know what Verizon does with the image of the card? May be keep all the SSN card images into a database waiting to be hacked,which is becoming very common these days starting from Target to PF Chang.

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