Ok, my story is long so bare with me. Four months ago my account got hacked on verizon.com (my verizon).

Someone hacked their server and ordered an iPhone. I quickly called, got the charge removed and closed the my verizon account. So when I chose to upgrade my phone, during checkout, verizon.com said I'm not eligible due to my recent purchase. Once again I called and go my upgrade date changed.

I've been a customer for 5 years and never upgraded. Now my upgrade date has been fixed. I go to upgrade and verizon.com's checkout wants me to register for my verizon again. So I try bypassing that step only to get stuck on the next checkout page that won't allow me keep my same phone number.

So I try to create another my verizon account and I get an error message that with my phone number I can't create an account. So I call again and have the block removed. I create an account, just for the purchase knowing that I'm going to close it once I upgrade and move on. NOW attempting to upgrade to an iPhone, verizon.com doesn't allow me change my calling plan to the Share Everything.

Actually doesn't give me any choice to remove the 450 Min plan. So I call in again to support and the rep tells me to just checkout and call in to change my plan once I get my new phone. By this time I'm pretty pissed. Then just before I decide to checkout, I notice a $30.00 charge for UPGRADING.

Really! I'm getting charged for buying a phone, and paying more money for new services and continuing to be a customer.

WOW...Absolutely the worst experience ever. Verizon SUCKS ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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