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I was considerably overcharged by Verizon wireless for a minutes overage. The minutes should have been applied to a "friends and Family" program that is within my contract. I called to complain and after an hour on the phone, most of which was on hold, I was refunded most of the overage charges. The rep informed me her manager had approved the refund and I would receive it within 24 hours. Two days later no refund.

I contacted their chat support this morning to see when the charges would be reversed. They informed me than another manager had denied the refund without any explanation or without contacting me about the issue. This kind of service has been common in the 14 years I've been a Verizon Wireless Customer. They constantly change their deals, contacts, etc after the fact. A few examples:

-Punishing customers who choose Verizon's Unlimited data plans. First their was bandwidth throttling, then they just decided to prevent customers from receiving the contract price for a hone at upgrade. That iPhone 5 new customers get for $199 costs existing customers $234 (after upgrade fee) and Unlimited data customers $699. This would be fine but the reason Verizon says we can get iPhones and other smartphones for $200 is that remaining costs of that $699 (retail) device is subsidized by the contract. But... if you pay full price for the phone, you don't get that subsidy removed from your bill - it's still there to the tune of about $22/month extra.

-Implementation of Upgrade fees which are another example of negative incentives for loyal customers.

-The reduction and then elimination of their "New Every Two" customer loyalty discount program. They just decided not to honor it one day even though it was in the contract.

Here's the chat log from my grievance. As you'll note, Verizon acknowledges that I was told I would receive a refund.


Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless.

Your Chat Session ID is RT1413542893.

My name is Jessica, how may I assist you?

Jessica: I haven't heard from you in a while. Would you like to continue chatting?

Tom: I was told by a customer care representative two days ago i was receiving a $94 refund for overage charges. She said it could take 24 hours to credit, that was almost 48 hours ago. please help.

Jessica: I'm happy to take a look into that for you today Tom!

Tom: ty

Jessica: For security purposes, may I please have your billing password? Your billing password is up to 5 characters long.

Tom: xxxx

Jessica: Perfect! Thank you

Jessica: It will be just a few moments

Jessica: I've looked through the account thoroughly and it looks like the credit had been denied by the representatives supervisor. We do always want to make sure that we are fixing any errors made by Verizon, but with overages, we typically aren't able to issue any credits as they aren't a Verizon Wireless error. I'm very sorry if she had led you believe that there was a better chance of getting that credit than there was

Tom: that is unacceptable. she checked with her suporvisor before issuing the credit.

Tom: I guarantee Verizon will lose me as a customer as my contracts end

Tom: I spend nearly $3,000 a year. This is horrible service. If there was an issue with the credit shouldn't I have been contacted?

Jessica: I'm terribly sorry, I wish that there were more that we could do! I am certainly going to be lifting up feedback on the representative to make sure that this does not happen again. The notes that she had left did not indicate that she had approval to make such an exception at the time of credit. Whenever credits are denied, the supervisor is to reach out to the customer, but it is possible that the supervisor just hadn't had a change to reach out to you yet

Tom: I am copying this chat log and will be publishing it along with detailed account of my experiences with your company on The Rip Off Report, Consumer and you tube.

Tom: I was lied to. End of story.

Tom: Then no one reached out to explain the problem.

Jessica: It can take up 24 hours for the supervisor the receive the request and then they try as best they can to make a call within the next day or two. We as a company want to make sure that we are providing the best service we can to our customers and that includes giving the most accurate information. I am definitely going to be lifting this up to ensure that we don't have a situation like this again. I am very sorry that this had happened

Tom: I was on hold for 15 minutes while she was getting authorization from her supervisor. The agent did not act independently.

Tom: Verizon never provides the best of anything. Highest charges, maybe, but not the best.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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That phone an existing customer pays $234 for is actually $239 for a new customer, which includes the activation fee of $35. Existing customers pay a $30 upgrade fee instead.

You don't say if the numbers in question that were "supposed" to be on your friends and family list actually were...if they were not, you are not entitled to any credit for overages. If it was actually wrong and the numbers WERE on your friends and family list, then Verizon should have given you a credit.

Since they didn't, I'm going to assume they weren't on the list, you only thought they were or added them after the fact. Take responsibility for your own actions.

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