Beware, This could happen to you!

I have contacted several customer service representatives at Verizon and can't seem to get anyone to fix the ridiculous situation.

Here is the story:

My smart phone was not working properly, I took it to the local store, they ordered a new phone that was shipped to my home and delivered the next day. Under warranty, the next day a replacement phone arrived.

The same day, I put the damaged phone into the box and pasted on the prepaid label supplied by Verizon. I took the phone to the post office counter and mailed it. I had the post office scan the label and give me a receipt.

About 2 weeks later I received a text message from Verizon stating that the returned phone was not received yet, but to disregard the message if the phone had been mailed back.

After 2 more weeks, received another text message from Verizon stating that the returned phone was not received yet, but to disregard the message if the phone had been mailed back.

After about another week, I received another text message stating that I had not returned my phone and a $449 charge would appear on my next bill.

I called Verizon customer service and talked to a very nice lady named Stacy at 585-321-7650 EXT 1032. I provided Stacy with the reference number off from my post office receipt, (Prepaid Return Label # 420569509158946530067027593409) she looked it up on the internet and found it was received at the post office and had left the local post office (Algonquin, IL) and was in route to the destination. (See Attached PDF). She said she would send an email to the warehouse in Fort Worth TX and ask them to look for the phone. Stacy said she would keep me informed.

A few days later, I received a voice message from Stacy suggesting that I go to my local post office and file a claim of the "lost" phone. She said should call her supervisor LUZ at 585-321-7650 EXT 1032.

I called and talked to LUZ and explained that I could not go to the post office and file a claim because I did not pay for the shipping, it was a prepaid return label provided by Verizon. I also found a barcode label (keep for your own records) that I saved from the prepaid return label. FEDEX reference number 58946530067027593409 , I tracked that number and FEDEX shows it was delivered to the Fort Worth TX facility on JAN 30 at 10:59 AM (see attach PDF) I provided that information to LUZ . At this point she said it was my issue and asked why I had dropped off a FEDEX package at the USPS. I explained that the prepaid return label was a USPS label, a concept that NO ONE at Verizon appears to understand? The service is called "FEDEX SmartPost Return", and the return label was provided and paid for by Verizon. (see attached PDF)

At this point, I asked to have the charge removed from my phone bill. I was told (by LUZ) that the warehouse could not find the phone , so Verizon would not remove the charge from my phone bill, but they would keep looking for it. I tried to explain that is was not my problem that the phone was lost, I did exactly what Verizon told me to do, I mailed it back in the box provided, with the prepaid label provided, hand delivered it to the post office counter and received a receipt of shipment (see attached PDF).

LUZ again said that I should go to the post office and have the package traced. Tell me again why this is my problem? At this time I was very unhappy wasting my time trying to solve a problem that is totally beyond my control. I followed the return instructions EXACTLY and have proof of each step and it is still my responsibility that the returned phone is missing? LUZ said she would email the warehouse and look for the phone again. She should have fixed this at this point and removed the charge from my bill, Stacy was great, but LUZ really pissed me off!!! I Still have not received anything back from her.

I called the Verizon Corporate "Executive Response Team" at 212-321-8700 and I talked with a very nice lady, she referred me to the Verizon Wireless "Executive Response Team" She told me she would email them and have them contact me.

2 days later, I was contacted by Wendy from the "Verizon Wireless Executive Response Team", I explained all of this to Wendy, she also asked why I took the package to the post office and said I should have the post office trace the package. It is clear that no one in Verizon knows how their own phone return system works? I asked Wendy to fix this, she said she will have to investigate again and that Verizon would not credit my account until they found the phone. I asked what would happen if they could not find the phone, Wendy said that I would have to pay for it $300+.

Sorry, but that was the last straw! Let me get this straight, I returned a phone in the box provided by Verizon, attached the "FEDEX SmartPost Return" label provided and paid for by Verizon, hand delivered the package to the post office counter, have a copy of the post office receipt with a tracking number, have a copy of the post office tracking info showing it left the local post office, have a copy of the FEDEX portion of the shipping tracking information showing the package delivered to the warehouse in Fort Worth, the warehouse can't find the phone, so I have to pay $449!! You have to be kidding me.

At this point, I attempted to contact any Verizon Executive (Corporate or Wireless) that I could find an email address for. I sent a copy of this information to at least 30 top Verizon Executives. I also filled out the "Contact sheet" for another 15 Top Execs on the Verizon Wes site.



Out of all the requests I made, only one person replied, that would be Bob Mudge, (President – Consumer and Mass Business Markets) Bob is a very nice man and said he would forward this to the correct person at the Wireless division and that he would also seem that this was resolved. In his response, he copied Daniel S. Mead (President and CEO of Verizon Wireless) dan.mead@verizon.com and Louis Sigillo (Vice President of Customer Service) louis.sigillo@verizon.com.

The very next morning, I was contacted by the same WENDY at the Verizon Wireless Executive response team. Yes, the same Wendy as before.

WENDY said that now they have suddenly found the empty phone box at the warehouse. The box was still sealed and was empty? SO I WILL BE CHARGED FOR THE PHONE!

My postal receipt has the weight of the box on it when shipped, 13.30oz, just what a Droid phone and a small box should weigh, clearly the phone was in the box at shipment. Clearly, someone has removed the phone from the box, WENDY also stated the phone is "active" on the system, IT APPEARS THIS PHONE WAS STOLEN AFTER SHIPMENT?? (My Guess is from the Verizon warehouse?) THIS IS NOT MY PROBLEM!!

Wendy said there is nothing else Verizon can do about this. I asked who else I can talk to, she said she was the final word on this.

Just as a side note, Verizon only insures the return phones for $100

(the limit of FEDEX SmartPost) Two weeks after I received the replacement new Droidx2 phone, I upgraded two of my 5 lines to the new razor. Verizon gave me only a $50 "Trade in" credit for the Brand New Droidx2 I just received from the warehouse as a replacement ???

Verizon only insures the FedEX SmartPost Reteun shipment for $100, they only gave me $50 for the NEW phone I traded in, now they are charging me $449 for a damaged phone that got stolen in their shipping process! This is unbelievable!

I Guess will have to go file a police report on the stolen phone, contact the post office and FedEx and inform them. I would hope Verizon will provide the information on who's account this phone is still active? My Guess it is not in my home state even? Verizon knows where the phone is, it is active (I guess) on someone's Verizon account (so WENDY Said) Maybe? Verizon will launch a criminal investigation and figure out who is stealing their phones?

Unfortunately, I am not alone in this problem, Just Google "Verizon Lost My Phone" and you will see this is a systemic problem at Verizon Wireless" Lots of these same type of problems are actually posted on Verizon's own support Forums.

Monetary Loss: $449.

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Yelp happen to us also, verizon or UPS stole the phones and nothing you can do about it


Omg! This happened to us.

Was told at the store to print label at home but kept checking on the website but the status is still processing.

Called the customer service and was told to be sent one but nothing came so I had to make another call and wait again. We were charge $440 for a returned phone but we haven’t refunded yet and it’s been 1 month!


I have spent 2full days trying to get a return label. I have been jerked back and forth from sales to customer service.

I have registered and have followered instructions perfectly, THERE IS NO RETURN LABEL. Verizon claims that if you can’t get one from the My Verizon page that you can call Verizon and they will send you one. This is an all out total LIE!!! They claim they CANNOT AND WILL NOT SEND ONE!

This is why Verizon is going under, they have no values, they Lie, they cannot be trusted and I will make sure they word gets out. if you need good service try CONSUMER CELLULAR, they are AWESOME!

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1289679

I have been searching for my lost phone for over 3 months that was also lost with same return label sent to me from Verizon nobody can help me but Verizon still charging me $500 This is criminal

San Diego, California, United States #1230827

Thanks for the review.

God I was afraid of this, after speaking to 4 incompetent Verizon employees with multiple explanations.

I just received a defective phone and want to send it back for a simple refund, but I may be in a fight to life.

If I'm lucky enough to simply get a refund, I'm going to cancel my service while I'm still lucky.

El Cajon, California, United States #1226632

Wow same thing happened to me except I didn't go the extra mile to fix THEIR problem... thanks for the guys email and the corporate building number! Time to get refunded >:[


I shipped my iPad because I was having issues in the box usps provided me. I dropped the box off and handed it to usps myself.

This was April 28th... Then May 5th the box arrived at the Verizon warehouse....

After multiple Verizon reps not returning my call I finally find out today the box was delivered to Verizon empty!?!!?! Wtf


This is happening to me now. I called a few times and they had not received the phone. weeks later I called again and they told me they received the phone but today I had a $199 charge on my account for not returning the phone


I return my cell phone. Received it back.

But Sims card, battery missing, and a bid dent on a metal piece. I was told it was broken when they received it. It was not!!! And it was in warehouse they didn't return it but I had to pay $525+ for the phone.

?????? Ripoffed!!!!


Yup have had the same problem a yr ago and now again 2 months ago. And have to pay full price for phone and service before they will even buy back the brand new insurance replacement.


T-Mobile is doing the same thing to me but they can't find package


I would file a complaint with the Department of Justice. It appears this is an ongoing issue.

The RICO act of the U.S. Is for just issues.


Timely commentary , For my two cents , if your business is interested a FedEx SmartPost Label Spec Guide , my boss came across a fillable document here http://pdf.ac/5NfCuS


After reading about your "missing returned phone" I can tell you that the same *** is still happening at the Verizon Fort Worth, Texas location and its August of 2015.

I returned a phone and got the confirmation that they had received the phone and now they say that they don't have the phone. Financial services says it shows in the system that the phone was returned. Another division says they did not get that device number returned.

I think its time for News2 to investigate Verizon !


I cancelled my credit card before they could charge me.Definitely fraud involved.


Use this return label at your own peril.

Ship it Fedex and keep tracking number...


happened to me with 3 phones.

since last year verizon wirelss has been suspending my lines, every month.

Doesnt matter what i do or say, management or not, nothing happens. They found my "lost phones" in their warehouse however never refunded me my money, and because theres a balance, they suspend my account every month.

The cycle repeats every month

..i.. Verizon


I'm now having the same issue. The only thing is I upgrade to the edge plan.

Sent the phone back and now i'm being charged $320.00 for a phone I longer have. We should all make a class action suit against Verizon wireless.

to Anonymous #1115662

I too have been looking into a class action suit. My husband and I edged up and verizon lost both our phones even though our tracking number said it was delivered to Fort Worth TX.

Verizon didn't care even though we called them probably 6 times regarding the issue. It's BS! They are scamming and making a ton of money ripping people off.

And then they know if you choose not to pay your bill, you won't be able to go elsewhere with an outstanding phone debt. They need to be held responsible for their shady business practices.

to Anonymous Utica, Michigan, United States #1198652

I would love to be contacted regarding this class action lawsuit, as they just did the same thing to me. They received my device and refuse to remove the $698 charge from my account.

If someone could message me at amylynn36@hotmail.com that would be great. Thank you so much and good luck to you all!

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