Beware, This could happen to you!

I have contacted several customer service representatives at Verizon and can't seem to get anyone to fix the ridiculous situation.

Here is the story:

My smart phone was not working properly, I took it to the local store, they ordered a new phone that was shipped to my home and delivered the next day. Under warranty, the next day a replacement phone arrived.

The same day, I put the damaged phone into the box and pasted on the prepaid label supplied by Verizon. I took the phone to the post office counter and mailed it. I had the post office scan the label and give me a receipt.

About 2 weeks later I received a text message from Verizon stating that the returned phone was not received yet, but to disregard the message if the phone had been mailed back.

After 2 more weeks, received another text message from Verizon stating that the returned phone was not received yet, but to disregard the message if the phone had been mailed back.

After about another week, I received another text message stating that I had not returned my phone and a $449 charge would appear on my next bill.

I called Verizon customer service and talked to a very nice lady named Stacy at 585-321-**** EXT 1032. I provided Stacy with the reference number off from my post office receipt, (Prepaid Return Label # 420569****589465****702759****) she looked it up on the internet and found it was received at the post office and had left the local post office (Algonquin, IL) and was in route to the destination. (See Attached PDF). She said she would send an email to the warehouse in Fort Worth TX and ask them to look for the phone. Stacy said she would keep me informed.

A few days later, I received a voice message from Stacy suggesting that I go to my local post office and file a claim of the "lost" phone. She said should call her supervisor LUZ at 585-321-**** EXT 1032.

I called and talked to LUZ and explained that I could not go to the post office and file a claim because I did not pay for the shipping, it was a prepaid return label provided by Verizon. I also found a barcode label (keep for your own records) that I saved from the prepaid return label. FEDEX reference number 589465****702759**** , I tracked that number and FEDEX shows it was delivered to the Fort Worth TX facility on JAN 30 at 10:59 AM (see attach PDF) I provided that information to LUZ . At this point she said it was my issue and asked why I had dropped off a FEDEX package at the USPS. I explained that the prepaid return label was a USPS label, a concept that NO ONE at Verizon appears to understand? The service is called "FEDEX SmartPost Return", and the return label was provided and paid for by Verizon. (see attached PDF)

At this point, I asked to have the charge removed from my phone bill. I was told (by LUZ) that the warehouse could not find the phone , so Verizon would not remove the charge from my phone bill, but they would keep looking for it. I tried to explain that is was not my problem that the phone was lost, I did exactly what Verizon told me to do, I mailed it back in the box provided, with the prepaid label provided, hand delivered it to the post office counter and received a receipt of shipment (see attached PDF).

LUZ again said that I should go to the post office and have the package traced. Tell me again why this is my problem? At this time I was very unhappy wasting my time trying to solve a problem that is totally beyond my control. I followed the return instructions EXACTLY and have proof of each step and it is still my responsibility that the returned phone is missing? LUZ said she would email the warehouse and look for the phone again. She should have fixed this at this point and removed the charge from my bill, Stacy was great, but LUZ really pissed me off!!! I Still have not received anything back from her.

I called the Verizon Corporate "Executive Response Team" at 212-321-**** and I talked with a very nice lady, she referred me to the Verizon Wireless "Executive Response Team" She told me she would email them and have them contact me.

2 days later, I was contacted by Wendy from the "Verizon Wireless Executive Response Team", I explained all of this to Wendy, she also asked why I took the package to the post office and said I should have the post office trace the package. It is clear that no one in Verizon knows how their own phone return system works? I asked Wendy to fix this, she said she will have to investigate again and that Verizon would not credit my account until they found the phone. I asked what would happen if they could not find the phone, Wendy said that I would have to pay for it $300+.

Sorry, but that was the last straw! Let me get this straight, I returned a phone in the box provided by Verizon, attached the "FEDEX SmartPost Return" label provided and paid for by Verizon, hand delivered the package to the post office counter, have a copy of the post office receipt with a tracking number, have a copy of the post office tracking info showing it left the local post office, have a copy of the FEDEX portion of the shipping tracking information showing the package delivered to the warehouse in Fort Worth, the warehouse can't find the phone, so I have to pay $449!! You have to be kidding me.

At this point, I attempted to contact any Verizon Executive (Corporate or Wireless) that I could find an email address for. I sent a copy of this information to at least 30 top Verizon Executives. I also filled out the "Contact sheet" for another 15 Top Execs on the Verizon Wes site.



Out of all the requests I made, only one person replied, that would be Bob Mudge, (President – Consumer and Mass Business Markets) Bob is a very nice man and said he would forward this to the correct person at the Wireless division and that he would also seem that this was resolved. In his response, he copied Daniel S. Mead (President and CEO of Verizon Wireless) dan.mead@***.com and Louis Sigillo (Vice President of Customer Service) louis.sigillo@***.com.

The very next morning, I was contacted by the same WENDY at the Verizon Wireless Executive response team. Yes, the same Wendy as before.

WENDY said that now they have suddenly found the empty phone box at the warehouse. The box was still sealed and was empty? SO I WILL BE CHARGED FOR THE PHONE!

My postal receipt has the weight of the box on it when shipped, 13.30oz, just what a Droid phone and a small box should weigh, clearly the phone was in the box at shipment. Clearly, someone has removed the phone from the box, WENDY also stated the phone is "active" on the system, IT APPEARS THIS PHONE WAS STOLEN AFTER SHIPMENT?? (My Guess is from the Verizon warehouse?) THIS IS NOT MY PROBLEM!!

Wendy said there is nothing else Verizon can do about this. I asked who else I can talk to, she said she was the final word on this.

Just as a side note, Verizon only insures the return phones for $100

(the limit of FEDEX SmartPost) Two weeks after I received the replacement new Droidx2 phone, I upgraded two of my 5 lines to the new razor. Verizon gave me only a $50 "Trade in" credit for the Brand New Droidx2 I just received from the warehouse as a replacement ???

Verizon only insures the FedEX SmartPost Reteun shipment for $100, they only gave me $50 for the NEW phone I traded in, now they are charging me $449 for a damaged phone that got stolen in their shipping process! This is unbelievable!

I Guess will have to go file a police report on the stolen phone, contact the post office and FedEx and inform them. I would hope Verizon will provide the information on who's account this phone is still active? My Guess it is not in my home state even? Verizon knows where the phone is, it is active (I guess) on someone's Verizon account (so WENDY Said) Maybe? Verizon will launch a criminal investigation and figure out who is stealing their phones?

Unfortunately, I am not alone in this problem, Just Google "Verizon Lost My Phone" and you will see this is a systemic problem at Verizon Wireless" Lots of these same type of problems are actually posted on Verizon's own support Forums.

Monetary Loss: $449.

Location: Great Bend, Kansas

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thats verizon for you they can careless and will blame anything and everything except themselves best options are better business burea state attorney general ( include your proof) and most likely get same people ( wendy ) again they are just overpaid customer service reps odd things to bring up to these genius's at verizon a sealed box weighed at the post office some how emptied itself? tracking the item took so long why? hint they did nothing


I am going through the exact same thing. Verizon lost 2 iphone trade ins and refuse to credit me.

Checked w Fedex and both boxes were delivered to Ft Worth texas. Verizon plays dumb.

Their boxes their labels. This company is brazen at thefts.




Those 3 stooges are not your friends.


I ordered a phone before leaving the country for 6 weeks. The phone was supposed to be delivered within 2 days but didn't arrive for 2-3 weeks, long after I left the country.

I cancelled the order before I left. I returned this week and contacted them about a return, which they approved and even sent me a shipping label.

Two days later they are trying to charge me for the phone because it wasn't returned in the first 30 days. I' so done with this company.


I got screwed by verizon too! I turned in a $1000.00 (One Plus 9 Pro 5G 256GB dual sim) only got $395 for it, I started a new line, got unlimited everything....and they are refusing to give me the iphone 13 that i rightfully deserve.

I have screenshot proof that this is what they are advertising everywhere right now.

Still they will do nothing to help me out. Its *** I don't know what to do.


my phone was closed 8/10/20 yet I have been billed ever since...


I’ve been a Verizon customer for 10+ years and have also had awful experiences with them. Long story short I ended up laying out of pocket $780 for one incident, they took $1400 out of my account, within the same day I called and they realized they made a huge mistake, it took me 3 MONTHS for them to finally give me my money back, that they stole, they are all liars, every single employee I spoke too had no clue of what was going on even know they supposedly record all of their phone calls and brief each other via notes pertaining to any customer complaints/situations/etc...

I filed over 10 escalations and there was never any type of record that I did that according to them, and so much more... I can go on for hours, but I won’t. Verizon is terrible, they treat their customers like *** all they care about is what they can take from us as if they gain a commission on every dollar STOLEN from their customers. The only reason I am still with them is because unfortunately where I live they are the only “decent” service (still I have a multitude of issues with that as well, but I would never bother calling and asking for help).

This needs to stop/change now, I cannot believe they get away with the things they do to their customers, it honestly just baffles me... Sorry for your loss of money and time, I hope by now they have done right by you and dropped the charges on your bill realizing it is entirely 100% their fault.

@Aubriee Zsc

Similar experience here!


Verizon owes me a refund for 678.40 for 3 months now I’ve talked to 5 reps,3supervisors,2 managers the phone has been back in Verizon main warehouse in Texas sine 3/20/20.i still have no refund can some please help this is ridiculous but they want me to pay my bill by 5/13/20 or be shut off this company is hoarding my refund money do I need to contact better business bureau

@Modesty Yee

Thanks for your reviews everybody. I have a phone now but I’m looking to join one of the three “big” brands and buy an iPhone 13 pro max and use one of them as my carrier.

Verizon was what I wanted but after reading these reviews, why should I place myself in a similar situation? I am not going with Verizon now.

I appreciate your reviews folks. Now on to T-Mobile or Att.


They are just an unbelievable company!! I wrote a review regarding my horrific experience with Verizon.

If you see it please read it. I’m the RN from PA . My issue was not resolved and they charge you $7 to speak with a live person that supposedly know what they are talking about, which I very much doubt. Bottom line is at the end of the year you can count on the fact that their corporate execs and higher echelon management members will get their huge bonus!!

That is coming directly out of they way they treat their customers, that really without us they have nothing yet they are blind and deaf to customers that have horrific issues like you, I, and so many of their customers that have been so frustrated and have written factual but scathing reviews. They really do not care!! Very sad especially with what the country is going through now with a pandemic like we have never seen here in 100 years!! VERY SAD!!

I feel terrible for what your going through. My advice is change provider!!! I have and now being with ATT have only had good experiences with them., you should do the same. Good luck to you.

Know that your not alone but we have to present a collective, one voice that will bring power in numbers and maybe then Verizon will get the message and help all of their dedicated customers for years!!! Change yo STT you won’t regret it!!


This company is criminal!! Their reps are dishonest shysters.

I got a similar runaround with a problem I had with them. So glad I dropped them for another company.


GOOD FOR YOU!! I switched provider to ATT.

Verizon is a uncaring company to the very customers that provide their existence!!! But bottom line their corporate execs and upper management will get thei huge monetary bonuses that realistically comes from their customers so I hope more Verizon customers do the same as you and I did!!!



Still waiting for my 678.00 dollar down payment on a iPhone I returned on 3/20/20 it’s been at Texas warehouse since then .I have talked to 5 reps,3, supervisors,2 managers nobody cares at Verizon just pay you bill but they owe you money for months to get it back but they have their property back,complete joke


same thing here. I really hate verizon.


This is absolutely ridiculous. The same thing is happening to me.

Went into the Verizon store to upgrade my phone on 7-23-19. Pretty easy. The rep said my phone would be worth 170.00 on trade. She gave the box and the return label and said to me before I left make sure u get a proof of delivery.

Weird but ok. The next day went to UPS and sent my phone and got a receipt with the tracking number. Within a few days I started getting texts and emails saying we don’t have your phone. So I ran the UPS tracking number and my phone was delivered on 7-29-19 @9:44 am to the returns department.

The rep at the store where I bought my new phone sent in a Submission report that contains all the info about my returned phone including the serial number. I wasn’t too concerned at first. But I kept receiving these emails and text messages saying we don’t have your device please return or you will be charged 170.00. Now I’m pissed.

I did everything I was supposed to do. My old phone was received in Texas 6 days after I sent it. Called customer service and the rep said yes it was delivered but now they can’t locate it. How is that my problem?

This is a scam.

He said if they can’t locate it , unfortunately it falls to me to pay. Total ***


I contacted my State’s Attorney General’s Office Consumer division and filed a dispute with my CC company and “locked “ my card and ordered the same card with different numbers and due date and 3 letter code in the back so that they didn’t try to pull anything on me. The AG spoke to them and about 2 weeks later I received a refund and a nice apology from Verizon. Call them, freeze your card, get another card from the same account with different numbers and expiration date and it worked well in my State anyways RI


Very sad story.


Same thing happened to me with an iPhone 4 several years ago. There were 5 phones on my account and threatened to close my account after fulfilling my contract in short time.

Charges for the phone were removed. I bought my next phone at Best Buy. There I got their Geek coverage. If anything happens to the phone I "hand" it back to Best Buy.

A face to face exchange. Fort Worth warehouse has to do a better check on their workers.

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