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For 18 years, I have paid my Verizon bill on the same date, every month, religiously. For the last couple of months, there have been all kinds of issues, even though, as I mentioned, bill is paid same day every month.

Since they have gone with their new plans, it has affected their accounting & billing system, and, due to this, I was billed for 2, yes, 2 reconnect fees in one month, data pkgs. being billed in advance, as well as, unauthorized amounts taken out of my checking account, (to the tune of $300+ over authorization amounts), and, they say the new plans have nothing to do with this. As I will be dropping all 10 phones on this account, guess they have just lost another contract, as, others I have talked to have issues with their accounting/billing/customer service as well. One co-worker has to continually call back in every month, because Verizon keeps dropping off her company discount.

Another has had double charges taken out of their checking as well. Same reason one of the people on my account left Sprint years back, and, now, having to deal with Verizon having the same issues as well. As far as I see it, their new advertising/plans should be labelled as "Screw Everyone", as one person on the account has gone with Net 10, which is $45/month, UNLIMITED EVERYTHING, WEB/TEXT/VOICE/DATA. Guess it's the way to Screw Verizon, go with Net10, or, some other pre-paid of the sort, THEY DON'T LIMIT YOU ON UNLIMITED PLANS!!!!

Verizon customer no service could care less whether or not they retain any long term customers at all!!!

The reps., as well as, supervisors, are very self righteous, and, feel that Verizon can do no wrong what-so-ever. Well, do without me & the 9 others on the account!!!!!!!

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Sounds to me you misseda payment and they shut your phone off.reconnection fees are for non payment. Something is not adding up,.

to tina #1008223

Payment wasn't missed at all, that's why I moved on to Net10, not had any issues what-so-ever, and, it still uses Verizon's signal's, for less than $40/month, unlimited talk and text, 1.5GB of data, which is very sufficient for my use.

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