We bought an iPhone 4 for my daughter that did not play sound when videos were played. We took the phone back to the Verizon store and the Verizon Store Specialist inspected the phone thoroughly and determined that the phone was NOT water damaged but had some kind of mechanical malfunction.

The specialist said he would order us a new phone and for us to return this bad phone in the provided FedEx box. We received the new phone 24 hours later and we placed the bad phone in the box and shipped it back to Verizon within the allotted timeframe. The next month we notice our monthly phone bill had increased $300. We called Verizon to inquire why the large increase and they stated they had not received the phone.

After Verizon first lost intransit visibility of the phone, Verizon was able to track it down through FedEx and discovered that the Verizon Warehouse in fact had received the phone we shipped back. The Verizon Customer Support Representative then stated he would ensure we were refunded the $300 charge. The very next month, we noticed again an additional charge for $300 and we called Verizon to find out why. The Customer Support Representative assisting us out of the El Paso Texas Verizon Customer Support site stated that we were being charged the $300 for a water damaged phone.

I stated that in no way did we send back a water-damaged phone. The Verizon Representative stated he would contact the Verizon Store that ordered us the new phone and confirm if the Specialist had seen water damage and if not then he would have the charge reversed. The Verizon Representative confirmed with the Verizon Store Specialist that this phone was in fact NOT water damaged. Instead of honoring his word about dropping this erroneous/false charge for something we did not do, the Verizon Representative changes his position and states now that I still owed the $300 because the phone must have been water damaged between us meeting with the Verizon Store Specialist and us placing the bad phone in the provided FedEx box.

He said that he had pictures of the water-damaged phone supporting his case and sent us copies of those pictures. After we viewed those pictures we concluded that was not our phone. We bought a protective Otter Box to protect it and took the best care of that phone. Our phone that we sent back was in pristine condition.

The pictures of this phone showed the phone was scratched at the bottom and overall in rough condition. Also, my wife took possession of the bad phone immediately after we received the new phone and placed the bad phone in the FedEx box. We are 100% certain that we did not water damage that phone before sending back to Verizon. Worth mentioning, we have been a loyal Verizon customer since 1999 (14 years) and have been faithful to always pay my monthly bills on time using auto pay and we have continued to renew our phone contracts with Verizon.

I am very shocked, frustrated and ultimately disappointed about the Customer Support I have received and the unwavering position of Verizon's claim that we sent back a water damaged phone. Bottomline, we DID NOT water damage that phone nor did we send back a water-damaged phone. We followed the directions of the Verizon Store Specialist to receive a new phone and return the bad phone within the required time allotment. In addition, because of the flagrant disregard for a loyal/faithful customer like us from the Verizon Customer Support, I am seriously considering dropping Verizon as my wireless phone service provider.

I did some research on the internet and found NUMEROUS cases of customers filing the exact same complaint regarding being falsely charged for a water damaged phone that they did not water damage. With the amount of these cases posted on the Internet, someone needs to file an official complaint or class action lawsuit through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC - (http://www.fcc.gov/complaints). It appears that way too many customers are wrongly getting fleeced by Verizon for actions they did not do. Who is going to officially investigate and hold this large communications company accountable for the erroneous fleecing of their so-called “valued customers”?

I will attempt again through the Verizon Executive Level Customer Support to get somebody to care enough to do the right thing and overturn this decision to falsely charge me for something I did not do. Any help or further direction on how best to combat this would be greatly appreciated.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Been through the same thing .... I will not let this die.


One thing you can try is to have the store rep verify with customer service that the phone showed no evidence of water damage. I used to work in customer service for a cell phone company and I did actually do this.

The customer called in to customer service, I called the store and spoke with the tech that had inspected the device, then talked with my supervisor, who told me if the store tech verified no water damage then she would allow a credit for the cost of the damaged device fee. You will have to be sure and get a good, knowledgeable rep, because most of them are unwilling to take that extra time. There is a lot of pressure to get a specific number of calls in each day and time limits for calls.

If you think you have one who won't go that extra mile, hang up and try again. Good luck!


A follow up update to the mess explained above on the alleged water damaged phone. After researching the Internet for best ways to deal with Verizon on this issue, I came across one guy who stated to contact the Verizon President of the Region for Customer Service where you had issues with Verizon.

I sent an email last night to the President of that Region and and today I was called by one of his Executive Customer Service Representatives who said Verizon was sorry for any inconvenience and that she would credit me the $299 back. Also, she stated that should this happen next time to have the new phone mailed to the Verizon store and allow the Verizon store to keep the bad phone vs. you taking it home with you. The Verizon Store could then remove the new phone and place your bad phone in the provided FedEx box with you present to ensure no chance of a false accusation.

Outside of following this process, it will always be your word against Verizon and you could end up eating the cost for sending back a water damaged phone that you did not water damage. Hope my horrific experience and end result on this matter will help the numerous other people out there!

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