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My wife received an "Early Free Upgrade" email offer from Verizon, which we tried to do through their Online store......but after a half hour of not being able to find the offer or get any discount to post with the specific phone offered....I decided to contact one of the online chat minions......which turned out to be nothing short of a fiasco, as the offer would not post to her account even for them. And this person - just kept trying to push other phones, products and services.....hummmmmm (that should have been the first indication that this was a scam).

SO - I asked the chat rep.....cant' I just go into a local store......sure was the reply - just print out the offer! So, the wife and I jumped into the car and went to the local Verizon wireless in the Sioux Falls Empire Mall. Waited for 20 mins to be seen.....where upon I presented a copy of the online offer.....only to be told.......NO CAN DO.....your contract is not up yet? To which i replied...isnt that why its called a "Early Upgrade Offer".......augh was the response, that and a dumb blank stare.........then the CRS started to play 20 questions with me.....asking ...who sent this out...where did you get it?

I said read the flipping was you ...VERIZON........2­nd dumb blank stare........I asked to speak to a manager/ the CSR monkey was a clue bag. When the manager looked at the email....she must have been sent out by had my wife's specific last four numbers of her phone and said it was a special invitation.......yeah.....some special invitation. What I that these offers are nothing more than a scam to get us into your stores.

Not that you care Verizon - but you just two customers ought of this deal.

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If you were as rude with the reps as you are on here, then I understand the treatment you received, and why you weren't offered anything for your troubles. If the original rep wasn't able to bring up the offer in her system it means the email is most likely SPAM and it's someone impersonating Verizon using their logo.Even if it had your number in it, a phone number isn't hard information to obtain, esp.

if you've had it for years. An understanding person would recognize that it's not Verizon or any particular rep's fault and moved on. But I can tell by the way you worded this that you are NOT on that list. You were rude, demeaning to the rep.

who was trying to find the source of the email (probably so they can prevent this from happening again in the future), and it seems like you were trying to force them to honor it anyway. Rude customers like this get the run around because they can't handle the bad news that they fell for a scam, and would rather throw insults and fits to make it seems like the company's fault. So reps. pass you around because they know there's no way to satisfy you.

Sorry for the inconvenience but Verizon is in no way obligated to honor an upgrade before the completion of your contract, and expecting one is in breach of your contract. Yes, they do have specials from time to time but the one offered to you was CLEARLY INVALID. Move on! If you could accept that from the beginning a rep.

probably would have taken the time to look over your account to see if they could offer you something for the inconvenience. Calling them "dumb", "monkey", and "cluebag" just makes a former CSR like me sick to my stomach.

Reminds of having to deal with unreasonable, disrespectful customers such as yourself when neither I, nor the company, nor the customer is at fault. Keep paying your bill, and realize the Verizon owes you nothing but phone service.

to Former CSR Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #849673

Wow you sure proved my point Verizon CSR...(soooo much pent up anger - more than likely because you have had to deal with backing your companies pathetic practices and screw ups day in and day out....knowing they are wrong) are quick to defend your employer and throw everything back on the customer. Typical.

This could not possibly have happened right? Well it did and it was your pathetic company. BTW - the email was not spam and your lazy arz local CSR did not lift a finger to help, nor did the online observations of this incident are factual and stand as written. Love your last line BTW - "Keep paying your bill, and realize the Verizon owes you nothing but phone service".....I am on my knees giving homage to the great Verizon God for which you serve.

You ought to stop drinking the koolaid.....get your head out of your 4th point of contact.....see them for what they are. submitted humbly by this rude and disrespectful customer....BTW.....I am in sells:-) I know the afore mentioned type of customers......I also know company arz kissers

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