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Ok so it's time to upgrade my phone. I have verizon. Verizon happen to be doing a deal on their Razr. I go in the store the rep was nice and explained to me that the phone i wanted was actually $150 with a $50 mail in rebate. Mistake 1. I said ok no problem not a big deal, seeing that i really wanted to do the rebate (some are partial to rebates) I decided to go ahead and purchase. The Rep had unwrapped my phone and transferred over my contacts and etc and handed me the phone and the actual box. I questioned him about the rebate and he simply told me all i needed was the receipt- sign and dated, and the Bar Code on the box. As soon as i got home i got my trusty knife and carefully cut out the UPC code and with the receipt stuffed it in a envelope.

I get a post card in the mail stating i was missing the following

-Missing Proof of Purchase (UPC) Bar Code

-Missing device ID (ESN/MEID/IMEI

Mistake 2. I called the rebate center not once not twice but 4 times, and was transferred three times. One guy said no there was no UPC with the receipt, another said yeah there was a UPC but there was a code on the plastic (that the Verizon rep threw out) that was needed to complete the rebate. One of the managers ( sounded like the rep with his hand over the phone) said no he wouldn't be able to complete the rebate did i take a photocopy of the receipt/UPC code. After looking up the sites rebate center they won't even accept PHOTOCOPIES!! Eventually i got a "manager" and after calling this some scam and using some unsavory words did they magically allow my rebate to go through. I've had my fair share of issues with Verizon and their tardness, including two bills of 500 and 900 dollars. WTF!?! Seriously Verizon go *#$ yourselves, then when you finish clean yourself off you #$%@ing #*$&*@ you sicken me.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Saint Cloud, Minnesota, United States #934825

Just got my postcard today. Said they could not honor my submission because purchase info could not be validated.

I know I did everything perfectly.

Called the 800 number on the card and it was cleared up in a minute. Makes you wonder if anything was wrong, maybe they hope people just trash the card or give up.


I got Samsung S4 mini because it costed me 49$ instead of better phones which were costing me 100$ and more ,when I went to make the payment they deducted 100$ and said 50$ will be your rebate . I forgot my box and bill in NYC and came back home then after a month I returned the bill and the box which was 10$ courier .

I got an email after almost a month saying your rebate was not successful.

I asked a person at verizon store what is all this rebate thing - He said" It is a way to fool customers and make more money because most of the customers dont send the bill back". I called customer service and the automated system suckss!!!!!!!

Fayetteville, Georgia, United States #809172

Have another bad experience to share for you. I bought a Galaxy S4 phone from a local Verizon store on February 27, 2014.

The store didn't have the phone in stock, so after being assured by the sales rep that I would get a 150 dollar rebate, based on the purchase date for a rebate that ended on February 28, I forked out 265 dollars and the store ordered my phone. On March 3, my phone arrived in the store and was activated. I was given a rebate form and mailed it in, but they gave me the wrong form that expired February 17. I was denied my rebate for invalid purchase.

The store gave me the right form for February 28 and I sent it in. Again I was denied my 150 dollar rebate. I'm starting to get mad now, but it wasn't over. Today I went to talk to the store manager and was informed that Verizon uses the activation date instead of the purchase date.

The correct form was given to me( This is the 3rd form by now). Today I am told I only get a 100 dollar rebate instead of $150 and the only thing the store can do is give me a $50 in store credit. I can't buy groceries with a Verizon store credit!!! And I have to submit the form for the third time!

It wasn't my fault the store didn't have my phone and the store sales rep lied to me, BUT I am having to take the loss.

If I had known before I bought the phone this would have happened, I would have gone to another store in this city to do business. I learned never believe what you're told with rebates, your money is more important!

Santee, California, United States #779934

Yea I turned in my docs for my rebate via Costco. Nine weeks later they have no record.

Typical American business. *** off verizon!

Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States #751472

I had the very same thing. The VERY SAME RIPP OFF.

They said that all I have to do is to submit the proof of purchase and the receipt. I submitted them ON TIME... guess what! They now said that I was missing the AGREEMENT form for the rebate...

which btw, nobody mentioned anything about it...

and therefore I did not get my rebate. a 50$ RIPP OFF!!!!

Folsom, California, United States #729636

Verizon is also giving me the run around on my rebate and still not resolved. I think their goal is to make it so difficult that people will give up.

I do not plan to give up and will find every opportunity to let people know that Verizon is not committed to insuring customers get the promised rebates.


I had a similar thing happen, they said it was not dated even though it was printed upon the receipt. By the time I went to the store and got thing figured out with my credit statement, it was too late for the rebate anyways.

Great scam they are pulling, same thing happened with my old smart phone also regarding the upc cutout! :(

to Johnny Blaze Chicago, Illinois, United States #619845

I had the same thing happen to me. I sent an email to Verizon saying that if I didn't get my rebate I was going to cancel my contract and report the scam to the Better Business Bureau. I let them know in no uncertain terms that if I was not called before 4:00 the following afternoon that was exactly what I would do.

I got a call around 3 the next afternoon. The Verizon representative that I spoke to was very nice. She told me that the company that did the rebates was separate from Verizon, but she would give them a call and see what they say. After being on hold for 2 minutes, she comes back on and tells me that the company agreed to send the rebate, and that they "surprisingly" put up no fight against it. I'm sure it's because they are not used to threats of having the BBB called on them by an average customer, so when somebody does take action, they back down. Keep in mind that you're signing a contract with the rebate as an enticement offer. If the company that issues the rebates tries to scam you, then you have every right to cancel your contract with Verizon because of it. I think that when I threw that threat to cancel my contract out there because of the fact that it is dishonest business to entice people to sign a contract with a rebate offer and then try to cheat them out of the rebate, they changed their minds very quickly.

BTW they told me that the rebate would arrive in 4 to 6 weeks because of processing. They had already made me wait 4 weeks before sending me a postcard saying that I wasn't eligible for the rebate due to missing information, so I was quite pissed about having to wait again. I called the rebate company and asked to speak to a manager. He kept giving me the same line about the rebate having to be processed and that it couldn't get there any sooner. I told him flat out that if the rebate did not arrive within 1 week, I would report them to the BBB. My rebate arrived 7 days later. It goes to show that you have to fight these snakes and not take this *** lying down!

BTW I still called the BBB on those cheating scumbags! :)

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