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If it makes you feel any better your not the only one getting screwed.

I have problems with income right now so at walmart (Yes this will end well.) I see a phone for 14.88 plus tax. Comes with $10 air time bonus and I had to have a phone that day to try and earn some money.

Well I also bought a $35 prepaid card. I then added that card before the day was through. I was send a text telling me that your $35 payment had gone through. I then ran very low on miniutes only a few days later. The $35 was never credited to my account but I had already (This part is my fault.) thrown away the card and could not recover it. Then as frustrating as it was to get no help I simply bought another $35 card to save myself from being screwed. It actually applied the first try (You better belive I kept that card.) however I never got any more miniutes. Then puzzled but with a hours left I thought ehh its going to roll over surley. No. I see 48 odd in change on my acount (partly was the $10 air time already included.) So I thought OK no problem I will get a $15 card and switch plans (Becuase it worked so well the other times.) to the $50 unlimet plan. Guess what happens? phone tells me that I have over that amount I think $63 and some change. After switching on my phone to the unlimed plan it tells me that I have done so (Go figure.) and low and behold I keep getting a prompt telling me I am running out of miniutes. I figure sure ok it told me something about if I use my phone today I can still be charged for extra miniutes off my old plan.

Then the next day and the day after that its still giving that prompt even after having waited. Now this is the fun part, after calling verizions trololol lo lo customer service line (Look it up ifyou don't get it.) they tell me in a very polite voice step by step why it didn't apply. From what I gather from the rather helpfull voice is that because of how it fell I was charged JUST enough the DAY I added the money that (At the time the account info told me otherwise.) I did not have enough money for the $50 unlimited plan at that point. Therfore despite being told by my now money hungry $14.88 samsung throw away phone I had the money AND had switched to the new plan I simply had payed in a order that screwed me. In other words if I had been paying attention to my billing information that this would not have ocurred. I guess they purposely don't sent account updates in order or on time so that the information is lost in the ether making you look like the one at fault.

I am now $135 plus 9.25% tax so $147.48 worse off than I was. I have no way to pay for a plan that won't screw me from AT&T and I sit here pondering whether or not this would have occured if I had gone into a verizion store and payed the same amount on a phone and then purchused a plan with a contract? Seems like they *** either way.

I now have to ask family to bale me out (we are not wealthy.) and after this I have no plans on every buying a servi.. o wait I almost used a word equating what they provide as a service. In a way it is, just one for there gain at the cost of people that in a economy that many people like me can't always choose between fuel food and car insurance as its required here in Tennessee and could land me in jail with the right officer on the wrong day. They seem dedicated to customer fruad through carfull, thoughtfull contracts and outright theft.

Signed : Scewed And Confused.


Please, next time at least kiss me before you FU** me.

Monetary Loss: $147.

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We switched from VZW to prepaid. We have 5 phones and 3 different companies now.

Each company applies and uses airtime a little differently. You do end up spending a ton of money trying to cut costs. There's a lot of trial and error until everyone in the family is happy with a plan. It's ridiculous.

Also, google for discounted refill times. It pays off.

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