In late Winter, 2009, a criminal organization out of Missouri, was pushing contracts for a another racketeering outfit, ALLTEL. The Organized Crime outfit in Missouri, is / was RUSSELL CELLULAR. They were pushing 2-year contracts

for ALLTEL. I signed up. ***. I should have done

my homework. I have a research background. But, at the

time, I never suspected that an organized crime outfit

would BRAZENLY do business in a little town. But, they

were. I gave the saleswoman at the RUSSELL CELLULAR

$400+ US dollars. FOR NOTHING. I discovered about

30 minutes later, that I had NO SERVICE. What I did not know, and could not have known, was that the racketeering outfit, ALLTEL was selling contracts for an area, they knew they did not cover !!!!! AT EXACTLY the same time, the media/communications and extortion GIANT, VERIZON, was absorbing ALLTEL. You may imagine the effort I went to, to get my money back. NOTHING DOING. I was thrown out of RUSSELL CELLULAR's STORE in GROVE, OK !!!! BANNED !! RUSSELL CELLULAR WILL NOT CLAIM ANY RESPONSIBILITY !! THEN, I discovered two years later, that ***VERIZON*** had placed, FALSELY, a negative mark on my valuable credit history !!!! VERIZON'S CRIMINALITY KNOWS NO BOUNDS. EXTORTION, RACKETEERING, you name it, VERIZON is into it. They make the Gambino Crime Family look like Sunday School Teachers !!!!! I talked to THREE VERIZON EXECUTIVES about this black blip two years ago. The last *** wouldn't even return my calls. What sweet and kind people they are. I really wouldn't doubt anything

they are accused of. VERIZON believes they are EXEMPT from the Laws of Man, and the Laws of God Almighty. I will post against VERIZON as long as I live. And you can make book on that.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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