I ordered a $39.95 per month voice, $10.00 per month text package. Month 1 the bill was almost $90.00.

After numerous attempts to reconcile I called the BBB, verizon then reduced the bill to $54.53, apparently they are claiming the " tax " is the difference.

Just got this months bill it is for $73.63, when I asked why, they indicated that there is tax plus a charge for my calling the BBB and if I do not like it I shouid either file a claim in small claims court or I can go F--- myself.

I have reached some one named Jeanette Fitzgerald, she is in charge of having relations with the executive staff at verizon and when she is not busy fdoing that they use her name to sign emails telling customers that supposedly "care" but that they have no intention of honoring the contract.

Must be a fantastic company to be a executive for, having a paid staff memeber to have relations with, use the name to tell people to Foff, just amazing.

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Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States #718339

Verizon are *** - they have hiked my monthly bill from $113 to $310

They said it was my data Plan - I hardly ever use it

I called them and told them to shut my phone down

Walmart pay as you go is the way ahead

Newark, New Jersey, United States #670239

Verizon sucks ***..*** rippoff thieved

Astoria, New York, United States #635260

I have been a verizon customer for a couple of years for high speed internet after that the price went up from 42 $ to 47 $ at the same time the speed has become too slow i decide to move to other guys , so i call them they canceled my account i pay the bill online and i thought that was the end of story ..but i receive a letter from them telling me that i have a 42 $ due!!! that have to be paid, well I'm not gonna pay that let's see what is gonna happen .

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