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i had verizon for 9 years. swithced from sprint.

the sales people were very accomedating and knowledgeable. i didnt see it then but verizon nickle and dimes you to death. back in the day with verizon you had to pay $29.95 extra if you had a smart phone for the data. so we got 5 lines, the upside was it was unlimited data!.

i live in the country and internet is hard to come by, so that was great! but if you wanted to have hot spot to run something other than your phone i.e. laptop (tablets werent out yet). you had to pay an additional $29.95 per month per line.

For unlimited text it was an extra $5 per month per line....etc. etc. then they decided that unlimited internet wasnt making them enough money so they decided to get away from that. start charging "x" amount per "data package".

well everyone looks forward to an upgraded phone every 2 years for a discounted rate....right? well they decided that if you wanted to upgrade with the discounted rate you lost your unlimited data. so to keep my data, anytime someone wanted a new phone we had to buy our smart phone outright....which is extremely expensive! for the last 4 or 5 years i bought older phones cash money which still isnt cheap just so i could keep my unlimited data (that pissed me off to no end), but it is what it is.

been with verizon so long, didnt want to switch, good coverage and internet speed. i was paying $380 per month for 5 lines, 1400 shared minutes unless cell to cell, went from 5 lines of unlimited to 3 lines due to needed phone upgrades (still paid the same for 2 gigs data as i did for the unlimited lines), one of my unlimited lines had the $29.95 fee for unlimited hotspot. my wife is a die hard iphone fan and wanted the iphone 6 plus and the had the payment plans that wouldnt change your data plan. so went up to $430 per month for her to get the iphone in sept 2015.

ive alway been a droid man and decided i wanted to go iphone so i could sync it with my ipad like she does (yes i was jealous). that would have pushed my cell bill to $460 per month (thats a car payment for a very nice car!!!!) still i was will to pay it (in for a dime, in for a dollar.....or $460 dollar in this case). i called verizon and they said yeah you havent had an upgrade in several years, we can get you into the latest and greatest iphone there is! went to the verizon in sherman tx to get my long deserved upgrade and they turned me away (i was pissed again!).

they said i had to wait till my bill cycled dec 4, 2015...then i could get the latest and greatest iphone. now not being resigned to waiting another 2 weeks i called verizon again to give them the why for and hopefully make them over ride the whole 2 week wait! the guy said i had to wait and that as of dec 15, 2015 all unlimited lines i had were going to go up by $20 per month!! what!?!?!?!?

is asked!!!! so for me to have the iphone, keep my 3 unlimited lines and all that i was nickled and dime for, plus an exter $60 per bill would have gone to $520 per month!!!! i finally had enough. why didnt they tell me about the up coming increase when i was getting my wifes iphone 6 plus in sept!?!?

the phones i had with verizon were an old samsung (dont remember the name), iphone 4s ( that was on its last phone), a droid x that was several years old, my line was a warrantied droid razr maxx, and my wifes new iphone 6 plus. called tmobile and now pay about $300 per month with 2 iphone 6s plus, and 2 iphone 6 plus. unlimited text and talk with unlimited data ( which comes with free hot spots up to 14gig each line). and that price includes rent on 4 of the best iphones there is plus 3 lg tone head sets!!!!!!

$520 per month with verizon!!!!!!! thats a house payment!!!!! verizon has gotten too big for their britches....and are raping the public, much like at&t....i checked with them before going with tmobile. i tested the internet with both verizon, tmobile and sprint (yes considered them too).

like i said i live in the sticks, they were back and forth on the speed test i performed. sprint was the lowest speed, but still streaming. verizon and tmobile were back and forth as to who was the fastest, but i know who was cheaper and i we all got the latest and greatest iphones with 3 tone headsets and 1 key fob!!!!!! once i got on tmobile started having problems with slow internet (by slow i mean i almost streamed, had to buffer a little).

so called called tmobile and found out i could get a cell booster in my home for a deposit of $25 with no monthly charge.

looked them up on youtube and they seem to work...still waiting for mine to arrive. another perk is when the iphone 7 comes out i can just trade in my 6s plus without loosing my "data", costing me anymore money or anything!!!!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Queen Creek, Arizona, United States #1263793

I have had the same issues with Verizon and am tired of dealing with them, I live in Arizona and they couldn't care less about the people that have years of service. I got Verizon when they first went into business and talked my family and extended family into getting Verizon service, they were very helpful at the time but the charges kept going up and simply put, THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU ANYMORE!!!.

They have gotten so greedy and have so many customers they don't need you anymore. I have spent tens of thousands with them and they don't budge on anything any more. I just "won't" afford them anymore.

I'm going to switch to someone else. They have forgotten who helped them in the beginning.

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