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I have been a long time Verizon customer and was always happy with their service. I wanted to stay with them but wanted to do a hobby I do called GeoCaching and it takes a plan with data to do that.

I have the low min on my phone because I rarely talk on it and have 1000 text because I do use it to text since I dont talk. Well to get data they wanted $30 more a month which is almost double what my bill was. I had gone in in Feb to the store and talk to them about this and made many inquiries online. I was confused because I kept getting different quotes of how much.

I was not happy I would have to resign another 2 year contract if I did want to get the data and of course I would have to get a new updated phone. So I shopped around and decided to go with a different company with the lower rates and that have the unlimited everything and no contract. So had my phone number ported over to the new company and I knew my bill was up to date so I shouldnt owe much to pay off my bill. So I went into the store to settle up and boy was I SHOCKED to find out they told me I OWED THEM $161.00 !!!!

I said WHAT???? They said that back in Feb when I came into the store that I extended my contract by asking for more min on my plan! I said no I didnt!!!! I said why would I do that when you can clearly look at my long term history and see I NEVER use my min!!!

WHY would I ask for more???? AND you can see that since Feb I have NOT used these min you claim I ASKED for!!! He said Im sorry ma'am but you did. I said do you have anything showing that I did?

He said yes, you were in our store location and we have the employees number and the fact that they could not access your account without your information and autheration to do so! I said thats BS!!! Do you have anything signed by me??? Because I am telling you I DID NOT DO THIS!!!!

He said well Im sorry ma'am but you did. You have broken your contract and you owe us $161.00! This is BS...they can do this to anyone....its my word against theirs. My best friend was with me this day in the store and she knows I DID NOT ask for this.

But what am I going to do get a lawyer and go up against a big corp like Verizon??? or what not pay the bill and ruin my good credit??? NO!!! So your stuck to pay them!

BUT THEY WILL NEVER GET 1 CENT OF MY MONEY AGAIN! I read on another site that they did this to another man....this is discusting way to do business! You know the old "ma bell" used to think they were the only phone look hardly any of us have home booths are a thing of the past!!!! You keep treatin your customers like this VERIZON!!!

You will be a thing of the past too!!!! We pay your pay checks people!!!

I will no longer pay any of yours.......ever! Screwed me once...but never again!

Monetary Loss: $161.

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I started this post and here I am AGAIN>>>> this company is a joke!!!! NOW they have sent me a bill for the $161 AGAIN that I paid that day in the store that they ripped me off for!!!

Do you believe this???? They have bill collectors calling me and hounding me for this money!!! I cant believe this nightmare!!!!!!!!! Thank God I saved the reciept they gave me in the store....somehow I just figured something like this would happen from these jerks!!!!

I went in the store on 9/11 by my reciept and paid it. I got my VISA out and looked at it and they got the money on 9/13 but here it its on Oct 13th and they are hounding for money I paid them over a month ago!!!!! THAT I DIDNT OWE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!! I HATE THIS COMPANY!!!

Buy hey Im sure when this is all their fault they will call and appologize huh? Dont you think? BS!!!!! UGGGGGG On a positive note>>>> I LOVE STRAIGHT TALK!!!!!

USE THEM>>> No contract... $45 a month unlimited data, talk and text...Tell these comapanies like VERIZON TO KISS IT!!!!!!


I also had got tired of being screwed of Verizon. They pitched me an extra chunk of data and hotspot (which kills the phone battery in 40minutes even with power plugged in)... This additional data total at 6G, which I never used 2G or more. Here's the catch. I was told that with my account I must manage it with their app on the device. When I attempt to authenticate on the device it works for the profile, but then fails to load and displays an error to contact customer service to reset the account. I contact Verizon and they say I need to reset my password to reset the account. I reset my password. It fails to authenticate on the website (which customer service says is because it needs to be managed on the device), It passes authentication but then fails when loading the profile with the same error.

I've taken my phone to Verizon 3 times to get the account reset where I can manage my services. On one occasion they actually had the usage and these options loaded on screen, however when I tried, it failed to downgrade service and said the same initial message to contact customer care.

On my last visit I requested the person downgrade on my profile and he said he did but it really should be done from my device. We went through the cycle testing online and on the phone, and he thought that I had the password wrong, but in the end said it was because the phone needs RMA, and that he downgraded the data plan. I think he lied about that, but he said my phone is malfunctioning and also admitted that Verizon recently forced OS upgrade which temporarily erased my contacts and broke functions with a message 'the process is stopped', but no access to the processes that are not running. Then it got worst before I did a factory reset, but it still had prevented me from making calls or any consistent function for two weeks.

Gingerbread then Ice-cream sandwich or something like that popped up when it was doing a 2 day reboot i couldn't believed it ever finished...

Attempting resolution with customer service over the phone or in person was a waste of time, and I still need resolution. I stopped paying my bill once I realized I got scammed for almost a year on this *** up-sale that I was told I could monitor my usage and upgrade/downgrade on the Android device. I deserve to be credited back because that has not been the case.

I want to keep my number and pay what I actually owe, not their excessive fees 'which they are not required to charge', and not for data plan usage which was historically not used and they prevented me from removing from the plan. They should remove any negative report on my credit report and release my phone number -which is currently hijacked, and remove my account from collections... and give me a working phone, nobody should have to pay $600 for a malfunctioning 'smart' device and $150 a month for service that's barely used and prevented from downgrading for months!

Fix this and I'll say, great job Verizon...

Otherwise, I want out of my Verizon contract, them to take this piece of junk Rezound LTE and RMA it so I can attempt to transfer providers, and fix my billing statements retroactively which should equal out; about current when the credit is applied.

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