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The Verizon iPhone trade-in scam of 2016 - After being a loyal Verizon customer for a few years, I got pulled into the same scam that many other Verizon customers have gotten into – the ‘trade-in scam’. You trade your old iphone 6 for a $650 credit that goes towards paying for your new iphone 7.

The catch is that the older phone MUST ONLY BE mailed in a prepaid UNINSURED package provided by Verizon. My barely-used, scratchless, in original packaging old iphone 6 was in excellent condition when it departed my hands. Verizon sent me a picture of a damaged phone which they received and refused to give me the promised $650 credit. The same picture was sent to other friends and colleagues of mine that went in for a Verizon phone trade-in.

However, my friends that chose the Tmobile or AT&T trade in did not have such complaints.

Verizon should release statistics of how many trade-in phones were offered the full credit.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $650.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Verizon Wireless Pros: Seem to have better coverage than most providers, Quality of network.

Verizon Wireless Cons: Institutional cheating on a large scale, Completely lied about cost and features of product, Customer service reps lie, Custotmer service, Price gouging.

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Verizon scammed me also and from the looks of the number of people scammed, I smell a class action lawsuit. Come on lawyers what is the hold up?

Need a person to file a complaint? I will.

This stinks to high heavens.

Verizon can you really treat people like this and expect no one to do anything? I was promised 100 and offered 34 seven months later.

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