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Once again Verizon has caused aggravation and troubles in my household ! I keep trying to persuade my spouse to LEAVE Verizon because EVERYTIME business is transacted in there store the Staff will "ASSURE" you everything is OK. However, invariably everytime there is the inevitable days on end of ensuing calls speaking to double talking Reps to get resolvement to everthing from Billing Plans, Equipment, Services, etc ... EVERYTIME !!! I truely hate to think the people in the Gastonia NC Sales/Service center are maliciously lying, however, if that isn't the case then they are just ignorant of Policy and/or Equipment. Now things do get straightened out but ONLY after ruining an evening or week-end arguing with some phone rep or taking time to return to the store ... It always has been a hassle after ANY transaction made with VERIZON in that store ...

Yes, I agree that I should take my business else where but the spouse pays the bill and handles the problematic behaviour frrom VERIZON , SO, whats a person to do ? Proably just take it like everyone else does which is what the company banks on !!!

Its a SHAME we as consumers can't STAND TOGETHER and BOYCOTT that company but that would inconvience folks so we continue to take their BS .....

Am i alone in this tirade or are others feeling the same ??????

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