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When I try to make a payment from my phone with their *** app, it doesn't work. I've talked to them about it and they say we are having problems with that app, don't use it. Well take the defective app off of my phone. Also, when I try to log into their website at night, it's ALWAYS (Temporarily Not Available). This is very inconvenient.

Another thing, why the F*** do I have to enter a PASSWORD to pay my frickin bill. This is true either when actually talking to someone, or from their retarded app.

I left T-Mobile because I would get cut off every other block trying to talk to someone. T-Mobile data seemed to be pretty good.

Now that I have Verizon, I never get cut off and now my data sucks. My phone seems to work rarely with 4G so called LTE, and when it bumps down to 3G, it doesn't work at all!!!! HHHHMMMMMMM!!!! WTF

I have the Samsung NOTE 2.

Not to mention now, I have received my 3rd update for the OS. 4.42 KITKAT. Since each update, my battery has gotten slower to charge and drains 3 times more quickly. This is ridiculous. No wonder nobody wants to pay full pop for a phone that doesn't work or do what it has been advertised to do. Do I blame Samsung, Google, or Verizon????

D!!! All the above. It seems to be a self perpetuating business and you cannot win. Seriously, why not go with Cricket or Straight Talk, Metro PCS, etc........

Pay less and still get the same *** for less than half of what the big dogs are charging..

Not to mention my wasted time dealing with "Customer Service Reps" who are doing their job by a computer telling them what to say because they are too *** to think for themselves. If I wanted to speak to a ***, I would go to the mall and interact with high school dropouts. My time being on hold, and not getting anywhere with mindless humans is priceless. Do I want to be contacted by Verizon? Not really unless they can offer me my hourly rate of $85.00/Hr for my precious time being flushed away. It appears that they don't care to make it right for their customers. It's the same with Comcast and other similar providers. They are too big and customers do not take the time to fight or stand up for themselves which is why we are ALL in the same predicament with our government in this country. We are letting them get away with it and turning a blind eye. None of these companies and our government have our best interest. Ignorance!!! If I ran my company like this, I would have been out of business 20 years ago. Go figure!! LOL!!!

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Thats Right.Get a prepaid phone for voice only and throw it out if it doesn't work. Verizon is a Shark Company, Just like United Airlines, its ALL about the money.Prepaid, no contact, throw away phones, they all charge way too much for broadband access.Thats why I,m still on the old Sprint Family plan, 3G Unlimited, sure its slow, but its still $40 a month,will probably just drive 20 miles into town and sit in wi-fi disatnce of a local hotel for internet from now on......screw these big carriers,people are too dependent on thier phones, one EMP will end it all, read.....

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