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I got sucked into get the Verizon Edge Plan when my contract expired and was up for renewal. The Verizon Rep told me how great it would be to have this plan and fell for all the lies. In my previous plan my monthly bill was 58.00 unlimited messages and 400 talk time - I'm not a high volume telephone users - just in peaks I might talk to relatives and friends for a few days, but I never go near my 400.

So there comes the Edge, first of all when the phone was available, it was only available with higher GB via Edge and I was told it would take a few weeks, I got the phone within a few days. Best Buy and Verizon were warehousing the higher gigs and selling anxious users the 16-32 gigs - which is useless to me. I do a lot of apps and pictures.

I was also dubbed into believing that THE EDGE was cost-effective - now I'm pay 109 per month with a 10GB data plan. I was told that my new bill would not go over 68 a month! When I asked for the recording of my conversation with Verizon Rep., I was told the tape was not available.

To get out of this plan I will have to pay nearly 700.00 and I will pay it off and cancel my 15 plus year customer association with Verizon. The plan only works if you cannot pay for your own contract-phone, which I had always done.

I am hopeful and sure that there will be a CLASS-ACTION law suit against Verizon by my state Attorney General.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Deceitful sales, Deceitful salesperson, Deceitful customer service, More lies.

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Fullerton, California, United States #1331012

Verizon lures new customers in by artificially low rates, and once in, it uses the mandatory arbitration clause in its service contract, to waive customers' right to sue, and then uses the bait and switch to overcharge them. If anyone dares to sue, they will use their sleaze ball lawyers to force you into secret arbitration , at which they throw you a bone, and you are forbidden to discuss it with anyone , and meanwhile they defraud millions of others while they arbitrate you. They are ***!

Goose Creek, South Carolina, United States #1193865

I am interested in a class action lawsuit as well... was told that at the end of paying off the phone through the edge program (20 months)that I would continue to get the $25 discount for as long as I kept the phone.

THAT WAS A LIE. The discount of $25 a month ENDS and you go back to the $40 a month line access fee. No money saved there.

I went to a Verizon Store (not just an authorized dealer) and inquired about the program again, and was told the SAME LIE and I RECORDED IT. It was on video.

I exploded in front of all of the customers and showed it to the general manager and confronted them. He nervously went in the back and spoke with the sales agent and admitted I was told incorrectly (on video too).

My son deleted the video by mistake.

If anyone knows how to recover it from iphone5s, i'd love to post it on the internet for all to see. maybe share it with the competitor to see if they offer something better than that type of service.

Peterborough, New Hampshire, United States #1054727

I'm on the phone now with Verizon. Been on the phone for over an hour for the 6th time in 2 months.

After getting lied to and switched to the Edge Program, I now pay $101.68 for 1 GB of data.

Before going to the Edge Program, I was paying $52 for 2.5GB of data. GO TO STRAIGHT TALK AT WALMART FOR $45 A MONTH....NO PROBLEMS....


I got one too got screwed went to court with better business lost my case definitely need a class action lawsuit


I called to lower my bill with Verizon as my husband & I rarely used anywhere near the shared minutes of the plan we were on. I ended up with a plan that is costing me more money and am on a 2 yr contract all because of their bait and switch routine!

Of course when I asked for the supervisor to review the conversation I had with the rep the tape "can't be found" but if it had been a dispute with anything I had said they would have found it IMMEDIATELY!

If any other cellular service worked here where I live I'd tell them to go fly a kite but as it is the 'can you hear me now' guy is the only one who can hear himself shouting out here. For now I'm stuck, but just wait.......


Me, too. Bought the edge phones (x2) and had a $25 discount on each phone.

Salesman talked me into moving to a larger GB data plan with the end result that it would save me $40 a month. The phone access is cheaper - but they took away the Edge discount and so now the monthly bill is more expensive. It is typical Verizon bait and switch. According to customer service I have no recourse and Verizon doesn't have to honor their agreements and can change the terms of the purchase agreement at will, as they please, with or without my consent or knowledge.

Also, since my old plan is no longer available (20 days later), I cannot return to the old fee structure without special permission from a customer service supervisor. That change, by the way, would also result in a higher bill and less data than the customer service representative quoted on the phone three times.

She even ran the numbers and calculated and estimated bill, emailed her supervisor for permission, and then admitted (after she sent the email) that she requested half the GB data plan than she had been quoting to me on the phone in order to get a $10 reduction in my monthly bill. My cell phone bill really should not cost more than a car payment every month.


I am looking for a class action lawsuit regarding the edge program

I too was lied to. What I going on?

Are these reps giving out wrong info or are they deliberately screwing over people.

My edge bill is three times the amount I was promised it would be. I was also very concerned about specific charges and credits and was reassured about everything and it all is a lie. I was told that my contract was ended and not only would I receipt the $25 off of the $40 smartphone plan because of the two year co tract being over, but I would also have the $25 edge discount as well. I was told my bill would be $17 for the smart phone charge ( instead of off contract $40) and $11 for insurance and $2.75 for the iPhone ( the $25 edge discount.

I was told my bill will be no more then around $25 a month with taxes and I just got the bill and for this phone alone the portion of my bill is $70.

I would have never agreed to this if I had been told the truth. This is fraud and Verizon should not get away with such deceptive soliciting.


Having the exact same trouble. They called with the promotional upgrade and the great cost saving to go with it.

Basically they lied straight up.

I asked numerous questions pertaining to the cancellation and the extension of the 2 year agreement, all we non issues. Told it was just an opportunity for loyal customers like myself with almost 20 years of continuous service. What BS. Bill went from $73 max all in to now over $100 per month.

This is wrong. I will contact my local AG to see what to do next.


Agreed bill was 140 now 365 sucked in

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