I paid my bill early and was billed again. I did not have enough money for two payments, so they upcharge my next bill.

I'm going to plan of leaving them. Verizon does not care. I had to arm wrestle an associate to allow me to pay my next bill at the cost I was supposed to pay. Do not pay your Bill's early because Verizon will bill you extra and not give you any warning.

And when you try to explain- expect the associate to belittle you. "Oh do I need to explain this again" Like you already know everything there is to know and your the one wasting their time. I do at least like their phone warranty. Everything else I am pretty dissatisfied and look forward to investing so that I can eventually make a change to Tmobile.

Verizon used to be better than this. I used to be able to pay my bills early without consequences.

User's recommendation: Try another company. This one used to be good. Now they are just money hungry and are mean about it.

Location: New York, New York

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