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Brought 2 month old phone (Galaxy S-5) into store, was told that if I had problems it was no big deal they would send it in on Manufacturers warranty and order me a knew one. I wanted to wait and see if the problems resolved themselves, they said no problem come back whenever.

2 months later I bring the phone into what I thought was a Verizon store because it was a very deceptively labeled building with a big red VERIZON on the side, but instead I realized later they are not a Verizon store but instead an authorized retailer or something. I told them about the conversation I had at the last store, they told me that they had to do a hard wipe on the phone because the company would not accept the claim unless they could show that they had tried a hard wipe in the store first. Ended up leaving the phone, going to the store, coming back and sitting there for 2+ more hours because of old equipment and untrained people performing the back up, then wipe, then not being able to get my phone to work again. One of the worst experiences ever as I sat there for 2+ hours listening to timid excuses about how they don't know what the problem is.. while my kids sit in the car.

I was pretty fed up at this point, so when the phone started having even more problems after the wipe I waited a couple of weeks before going back in. I went back to the same store because I still didn't realize it wasn't a Verizon store, and they had told me that since they wiped my phone already if I still had problems to come back to them and they would get it all taken care of. I go in again…tell them that the problems are worse…they call the Verizon customer service line and hand me the phone…….Are you serious?!? I get on the phone FED UP at this point. The girl at Verizon tells me that she has to wipe my phone remotely in order to file the claim. I say no I'm not doing this #$%& again and sitting here for 3 hours for you to do nothing. I tell her that they already did that, she needs to get me my new phone, I've already done what they are required to have me do.

Ok so she orders my new phone with much attitude. She tells me that it will be delivered the next day. I specifically ask her if someone will need to be at the house to sign for the delivery she says NO. Of course I miss the delivery the next day and get a sign on my door notifying that they need a signature.

Skip ahead, finally get the phone delivered 3 days later. I was supposed to have already sent back my bad phone at this point. I open up the box and paperwork and guess what..It says that there are very important instructions for setting up my new phone that I must follow, but they are not in my kit of paperwork and nowhere to be found. So I waste a couple more hours looking online, TRYING to explain the situation to just get simple instructions to set up the replacement phone on Verizon Live Chat to no avail. The rep was very polite but wasted another 2 hours of my life trying to figure out what the situation was and how to do something as simple as turn on and set up a replacement phone.

Already past the time that I was supposed to send the broken phone back and stressing out, I bring the new phone, everything that came with it, and my old phone to the REAL Verizon store. They are very helpful and transfer my data between phones super quickly, and set up my new phone. Finally I feel like I'm getting something remotely close to good service from Verizon. While the phone was at the store they took a look at it and agreed that there didn't seem to be any reason for the issues. They tell me that as long as there isn't water damage inside of the damaged phone then everything should be good for my claim.

Considering that the Galaxy S-5 is supposed to be a water resistance phone, one of the main reasons I got it, and I had NEVER dropped it in water or done anything even close to getting water in it, I am not worried at this point. I think FINALLY it's all behind me.

The employee wraps it up in the box for me and I drop it at the post office.

Like 2 weeks later my husband gets an email telling him that the damage to the phone I sent in is not covered under warranty and we are being charged $299 Device Replacement Fee with no other options. ON TOP OF THAT they "attached a picture of the damage" that does not show up and will not load when you click on it.

I'm furious, but still chalking it up to a random bad situation..UNTIL I go online and google "Verizon Damaged Device Fee" and I found multiple sites and people describing the EXACT SAME situation I was experiencing right down to the image not loading!!!

Some people went ahead and spent hours on the phone with Verizon's disgraceful Customer Service getting fed a bunch of BS about how there was nothing they could do, then offers to cut the fee in half or lower it to $199, and other completely made up BS. Same old situation of representatives saying that they are looking into things and making notes on the file for someone to help, and then when the customer calls back there isn't even any record that they called before let alone notes on the file about the hours of conversation to resolve issues.

Some people got them to resend the faulty images and got an explanation from the "tech that inspected the phone" and every time Verizon said that it was water damage that was pretty much impossible according to the owner of the phone. The images that they eventually do send don't add up and seem very suspicious.

THIS IS A SCAM!!! It has blown my mind for YEARS how Verizon is allowed to get away with such disgusting business practices and treatment of their customers just because they offer the better coverage, and are too powerful to affect. They don't care about their customers because there are thousands more lining up to replace any that finally stand up for themselves and leave.

The worst part is that this is by far not the first issue of FRUAD and LIEING that I have experienced with Verizon and their employees. In the past I just paid the bill and hoped to be more careful with them in the future in order not be taken advantage of again. After HOURS and HOURS and DAYS on the phone with professionally trained liars at Verizon Wireless.

Not happening this time! I'm not paying this BS $299 fee (or any fee), and I really feel obligated to find a way to make Verizon be held accountable for literally stealing from their customers. I know that someone will read this because they will do it again. If it happens to you…$299 fee, image not loading in the email, "water damage" on a phone thats never been in water, offering to cut the BOGUS fee in half or knocking it down to $199…DON'T PUT UP WITH IT! I know its a huge pain and time drain, but we have to keep speaking out against them or they will just continue to get away with it.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $299.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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This is EXACTLY what happened to me. It's as if I wrote this myself. Shame on Verizon.


Ecactly same thing happened to us tonight. The refurbised phone was 27 days old .

Was not near any water.

Ecactly 299.00. This should be illegal


Similar thing happened to my wife"s phone with AT&T. For us thety said it was bent pins on the charging plug. I did not take images of the original device before we sent it in.

Irony is, we pay $11 per month for insurance the provides a replacement phone if yous is damaged, but since we went with a warranty replacement we can"t do that now.

I am filing a complaint with the FTC.


Same thing! Picture won't load, go to store they load picture and say water damage! Never ever was wet!

Erie, Pennsylvania, United States #1177504

Happening right now to us too. Verizon employees are not very friendly ether.


same thing is happening with me today

Taunton, Massachusetts, United States #1051026

Happening to me right now!!! Third visit tomorrow with my one year old grandson to tell them about this scam. I am livid to be wasting my time with them.


I'm having almost the same issue! They're trying to say that the phone I sent failed inspection, and they're charging me the $299 fee, for a galaxy s3, which doesn't even retail for that! I opened a claim with the BBB, so we'll c what happens.

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