Let me begin by saying I have been with Verizon Wireless since they bought AirTouch. I have averaged my payments to them for this period of time and it's almost $80K.

I am having problems with my current iphone 4 and called to see if I could get an early upgrade so I can get the iphone 5, I am 48 days away from an upgrade, 48 days! They will not do it, PERIOD! What ever happened to that Company that used to answer when you called them "your problem is ours"? They said I could buy a reconditioned iphone 4 but would need to sign a new 2 yr contract, now knowing I wanted to upgrade since its close to time and my 4 is having problems, why the heck would anyone with an ounce of brains recommend that?

Seriously. One of the phones on my account is almost out of contract, will not upgrade that one, and will term contract after both phones are out of contract and go to another carrier, what the heck right? I expected great customer service and something for my loyalty for all these years, *** me, so any other carrier cannot disappoint me further.

Am very dissatisfied. You guys let me down.

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