I received notice that my employer discount was soon to be cancelled unless I verified my employment status, it was a simple process, just visit the website. The website stated i could upload an image of paystub, well i dont have scanner, I will just go to the Verizon Store.

I did, an employee copied my info, typed some info, had it verified by the manager and I was told it was all taken care of. 3 weeks later I recieve an email stating my employer discount is going to expire, so i call verizon. "Customer service" calls the store i went to, they have a record of the transaction, and is told by the store that they cant verify in person, well lets handle it right here right now, no you have to use the website or mail it "but maillong it will cause a considerable delay" or you can call the 800 number and they will handle it. I called the 800 number and was told I can upload the image or mail it, that this is the help they can offer, which in essence is no help.

For community info, my employeer has their logo but no other company info on the check stub, customer service couldnt complete my phone help because i didnt kno corporates zip code (they dont have internet or zip service on there computers). All in all a very fustrating circle, I am truly happy that my contract is not the one that keeps their company afloat.

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