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I recently switched back to Verizon because I made the switch from them to Sprint and discovered the quality of service was so pad I got them to release me to go back to Verizon. While at least the service was better and I don't drop calls constantly their customer service is ranked in the worst on Earth.

For over 6 months I have completed the proper forms and jump through all the hoops to get my "CORPORATE" discount and to this date it has never been applied after continuous attempts to get my few dollars off and the could care less.

That one didn't bother me anywhere near as much as the next one. I called them to inform them I left my $500 smart phone in Hawaii and hadn't had it for 2 weeks. The rep them gave me 3 options, 1) disconnecting the line for a $310 termination fee 2) Buy one of their expensive refurbs for like $200 3)Pay the $90 a month that phone was costing me or 4) suspend the account for 30 days, best option but they only suspend 1 phone line and that phone was the one that required the data plan and they wouldn't suspend this part which was $50 alone. Once I explained these options were only beneficial for them and had very little of a win - win for each of us they hung up on me after I waited 20 minutes in que for an agent to not help me. I took this option online but because of their poor service I will not like continue service, I have a friend who is offering me they Verizon phone that doesn't required data for FREE so instead of maintaining the service at $90 for that one phone I will switch phones shut off the data and save $50 a month I have finally decided after a month of no cell phone that I really don't need one and once my contract is up I will discontinue completely, I'm tired of every cell provider treating us as an unimportant number and forgetting we pay their bills. If they had done the most unlikely option and offered a free phone it might have cost them a couple hundred for a $90 a month for the next 1.5 years but instead I will cut down to $30 saving $60 a month and then $90 after 1.6 years.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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