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So obviously when one buys an iPhone they normally would purchase insurance because it's expensive. Now when one makes an iPhone out of glass (***) one expects if it breaks the insurance should cover it...

Nope!!! I might as well have bought a new phone for 170.00 What is the point of insurance when it only covers technical problems? They should cover that no matter what if its a technical problem. I can't even believe how much of a ripoff this company has been.

Obviously looking for a new company other than verizon once my *** contract is up.

Monetary Loss: $170.

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Do you actually believe that someone who rides the system and gets everything for free and doesn't work would know the first thing about how the wireless industry operates? Gimme a break.

Sorry if my comment came across harsh but when posting a gripe about a company that has the potential to influence others you simply need to know the facts first. Uneducated was a direct reference to your rash decision to switch carriers without knowing the whole story. Not a generalization of you as a human...

to Anonymous #766349

Well I guess when writing something it comes across a different way since there is no way to tell ones emotion. I still think Verizon and Asurian are both rip offs and I'm sure you would feel the same when you pay something every month, then you come across some problems and there is no help whatsoever.


The you bought from Verizon is a company called Asurion. Your unhappiness and experience lies with this company, Verizon simply gave you the option to enroll with this company.

You obviously are very upset with Asurion and now you are going to leave Verizon. Here's where your ship jumping really takes an uneducated turn.

All carriers use this company for an insurance option.

"screw Verizon and their Asurion insurance! I'm switching to AT&T where I can get Asurion insurance instead! "

to Anonymous #764657

Obviously I didn't know that. I was simply venting about something that obviously bothered me.

Wasn't asking for your opinion. Thanks but no thanks. Next time don't remain anonymous before being rude. As for uneducated, you have no idea who I am or what I do with my life, I was simply unaware that every carrier had the same insurance.

May all your cell phones break and please do me a favor and get a life. Thank you!

to Anonymous Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #764663

You must really be bored commenting on something that was posted on July 2. You are probably one of those idiots that Obama gives everything for free, so while not having to work like most people do, you spend all day surfing the web.

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