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My Wife and I have bee lied to about services and created accounts costing excessive time and money numerous times ... This morning we have NO service on Mobile Phones or our home phone.

When we were in the store in Gastonia NC the sales rep told us everything was consolidated into 2 mobile lines and one home line. This consolodation was an effort to utilize MY companies discounts as the primary account holder had been by wife. We were told evertyhing would be fine ! Since then we have come to discover there are two accounts and excessive money being spent because Verizon has us set with two contracts, one for my wife and one for me.

Also , there is a Pad device which was suppose to have been dropped since the contract was expired. WELL they fixed that by creating a new contract for a Ipad and adding a line that hasn't been used in over a year. BOTTOM LINE , The sales reps in there stores LIE with no regards since and only deny everything ONCE you can get someone at the actual store about billing problems stating it wasn't on THEIR END ... There actions have cost both my wife and I countless hour in trying to straighten out the mess we are in.

In dealing with one phone rep we have gotten one story only to shortly discover the problem isn't fixed and we are incurring OUTRAGEOUS bills and loss of service. We call again and get the same story from a different rep and soo on. This has been going on since Febuary and our only real option is to discontiune our service with them but that will cost nearly $1000 dollars on 2 actual devices we use and one we dont EVEN have, ASIDE from out right lies about service I have SO often watched as they sold people a "bill of goods" in telling them they NEED this memory or that device for the most out of there phone when most of these inccidents I have seen I try to advise potential ccustomers they are being lied to and sold need services and devices as I have a college degree in IT and know all it takes to have a simple phone or a snazzy smart phone. REALLY sad thing is many of these folks are older retired tupes living on fixed incomes, OR, young college age kids only needing a simple phone to make calls of neccisity.

They are all crooks and liars all the while paying their CEO an obscene salary , which by the way has raised a lot of prrotest from the AFL-CIO along with other consumer groups.


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