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On September 18, 2018, a group of my students and I, their para-professional were going to businesses to ask for pocket change as a fundraiser for Childhood Cancer Awareness Week. My students entered the Verizon store on South Main Street, Lamar, Colorado and were immediately told to basically get out of the store by the sales person.

They were not even allowed to tell the person what they were doing and didn't even get to introduce themselves. The sales person told them they don't allow solicitation and if they were not customers, " to get out." I was still at the store next door and when I walked out my students who were standing on the sidewalk told me , "We just got told to get out and that person was very mean and rude to us." I entered the store and was not greeted by the sales person in any way as a customer. I asked if he had a problem with my students and he replied, " We don't allow solicitation and I told them to get out". I suggested that maybe they put a sign on the door as I understood that and his reply was, "I don't need to, I'll just tell you to get out when you come in the door.

If you're not a customer, you can get out too." I was shocked by his rude attitude and unprofessional mannerisms. The sad part was that one of my students was going to look a new phone case so she could tell her mom what it would cost and now she will not go back in that store. I am in the market for an upgrade and instead of using the usual Verizon store, I was going to go to this location and I won't now. We did call the manager, Hannah and told her what had happened and we met with her later in the day.

She was very apologetic and was very concerned about how we were treated. I have worked in retail and that behavior was uncalled for and if that person had worked under me, they would be let go. That sales person was very rude and mean to a group of high school students and they will spread the word on social media, to their families and friends.

The damage that will be done to your store is more effective than any radio or newspaper campaign ad because it is word of mouth and in our small town, it will get around. I do appreciate the concern and consideration your manager showed us in meeting with us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Wireless Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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