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I "cosigned" for a friend to keep her phone. By doing this, her account became a "sub account" to my primary account but I had no access to her account.

Seems she forgot to pay a $100 balance when she changed carriers. I was never notified and a derogatory remark was placed on my credit report. I don't have a dispute with the charge. But I do think it is poor business practice, unethical and potentially illegal not to notify the guarantor of an account of it being past due.

Verizon has admitted to me that they never even attempted to contact me. They refuse to remove the item from my credit. I am filing complaints with all appropriate state and federal agencies. I am also in the development stages of a lawsuit against them.

While I was more than willing to pay the charge for them to remove the item.....they still refuse. I have also retracted my offer to pay the charges.

By the time they are finished answering all these complaints to various regulatory and consumer protection organizations, they will have spent thousands of times that original $100....that I was originally willing to pay. Not good business practices at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Wireless Account.

Reason of review: Verizon should remove the item from my credit reports since they at not time attempted to contact me as the guarantor of the sub account..

Preferred solution: Removal of item from credit report, a letter of acceptance of responsibility of improper business practices, an apolgy and a modification of their internal business practices to assure guarantors of sub accounts are advised of delinquent items..

Verizon Wireless Pros: Service.

Verizon Wireless Cons: General business practices.

  • unscrupulous billing
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