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I bought an iPhone 8 in March. I own a business and talk on the phone all day, so I use a wired headset and have been using it every day since the purchase.

I accidentally left my headset at home and had to make calls on the phone without the headset and everyone complained that my voice was muffled. I put it on speaker and the quality improved, but in trying to have a private conversation without the speaker option, no one could make out what I was saying! I got online and found several forums -- Bad internal microphone -- a known issue with this phone. I called the Verizon store who sold it to me, and they knew about this issue (prior to selling it to me - since it's an older model but NEW phone).

Since it's past the 90 days, I have to go through the customer service queue. So I call *611 must BEG a BOT to speak to a human, then I wait on HOLD for endless amounts of time. I go through level 1 technician, then level 2 - who has be do a procedure that disconnects our call --- promises to call me back in two minutes after the phone restarts. Instead, I get a text message to down load a link/app and TEXT another BOT about my issue.

I have to start over explaining to a BOT what issue I have... it doesn't get it. So it sends me a list of 'standard questions' which don't work for this situation. I call the *611 again...

find out I have to now to a factory reset before they will replace the bloody phone! In order to do this, I have to download iTunes on my new laptop, and try to remember all of my passwords etc. That takes hours. Then after that, I have to somehow know how to restore my phone from iTunes -- without the aid of a technician because my phone won't work!

All of this before they will replace a 90 day old phone with a known faulty microphone with a REFURBISHED PHONE! Seriously? Then they tell me after wasting half a day with them -- Apple will replace it! Now I'm screwing with Apple - the phone has to be sent into to Apple, takes up to 3 weeks for resolution.


What am I supposed to do without a phone in the meantime? OH GIVE ME A LAND LINE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Cell Phone.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Verizon Wireless Cons: Long wait to speak to a human or get a bot instead, No resolution to problem.

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