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I myself am not a Verizon account holder but I even made a couple logins just to log in and talk to live chat I tried consistently for 6 hours to get a hold of somebody in the middle of the night my friend before right before his phone shut off got left in a town that's not not out of town it's winter he has no jacket his phone shuts off he has no money he has no food he doesn't know anybody I have money in my account not the full minimum payment but I have enough to do a promise to pay and I have the full payment and I cut just a couple hours from now but I have $20 some or so and I have tried all night to any I don't care if they charge me $20 for 30 minutes I need to get a hold of him to see if he's okay or find out where he's at so I can go get them I was the only one he was able to tell so I'm the only one who knows he's out of town and stuck I don't have anybody's number that I tried to get a hold of his sister through online with the middle of the night that's the issue it's cold enough here or to *** freeze to death but not cold enough for them to have churches or whatever open shelters open along with the fact he probably wouldn't even be able to find one without a phone with service plus he doesn't know anybody where he's at I mean I tried every which way I made like four different logins every time I go to login so I could talk to a live chat it asked me for a security question that I never made and I did get a hold of one person at one point somehow it just directed me to it when I opened a new page he said oh he couldn't help me with mobile only landline so I was adamant with him about transfer me over he couldn't transfer me but he could give me the links where to go in a couple of phone numbers it was absolutely no phone numbers in the middle of the night he's like he and he told me this to get a hold of anybody over the phone but I could get through life chats through mobile and he gave me the link and I asked him like five times I was very adamant I screenshots of all of it as well I was very adamant about if this link was actually going to send me to somebody I could talk to to help me fix this problem so I could at least figure out where he's at and come get him and Phoenix Arizona is a big *** City it's not really like I can go like you know kind of look around and hope for the best I have no clue where he was at I just know he was down there it's almost a 2-hour drive from here so there's no walking but my point being is he said he he assured me that I would get sent as soon as I had to close that chat out with him that I would get sent to the right link and I got sent to the same thing over and over cuz I had to log into tech so I've chat to try to make a login even when I didn't try to make the logic I mean like I don't know how I got him in the first place absolutely I try to download the app absolutely everything I could possibly do I called the line I tried to pay 20 of it that I did have and it still wouldn't turn his phone on cuz it's a minimum of 50 and I couldn't get a hold of somebody to *** help me with it I don't know if he's okay still I'm absolutely outraged and upset that this multibillion dollar company and and all the sudden I can't get a hold of somebody in the middle of the night in an emergency situations it's absolutely uncalled for there should there's no there's no excuse for it you should be able to easily get a hold of somebody when it's something like a phone which is a lifeline for a lot of people especially nowadays and it's a whole different story when it's *** summer time but it's not it's the *** middle of winter last week we got three feet of snow here and Phoenix Arizona even got snow and that's where he's at it was theover half my life I've lived here and never heard of in Phoenix has not got snow and I mean I cannot believe I could not get a hold of somebody I still haven't successfully at 6:00 in the morning I've been trying since 12:00 a.m. when this phone shut off just to *** get his phone turned on with money I have in my account and I could not get any help at all he might not even be okay I don't know I just cannot believe that Verizon *** wireless on top of the fact that they overcharged and there's actually no excuse there's just no excuse for it either being extremely extremely difficult or impossible to get a hold of somebody in the middle of the night in the middle of the night is usually when something like an emergency comes up or when it's more dire because it's *** colder at night it's evils out at night I don't know I am cannot believe this I'm so absolutely upset and appalled by it and even if it you know and he's a grown man so calling the police and oh yeah I don't know where he's at but he's somewhere in Phoenix Arizona and they it's not a police matter and they're like well he's a grown man a life or death situation possibly but it's not in their even if I didn't know whether he was at exactly they wouldn't be able to do anything for me and if his phone was on I would know where he's at and I would have gotten gone and gotten them I just it is very much so too much for me to even begin to understand how one of the biggest companies nationally sorry internationally does not have somebody to help somebody in the middle of the night in their *** billionaires if not if not trillionaires this is just sick it's absolutely sicksicknevernwver never

User's recommendation: Never never never.

Monetary Loss: $999999.

Preferred solution: For them to not only give him free service for life but make sure they have 24-hour customer service and I you know what honestly he might have froze to death I don't know if there's a solution.

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