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Update by user Sep 17

I posted on Verizon on Facebook and sent it as a message also. I was contacted within minutes by Ebony from Verizon.

She checked into it for me and within 2 hours she had credited my account for the first rebate and if second one doesn’t go through on the 9/21/19 she will credit my account on the 22nd. She was gracious, helpful and thorough.

I wish she had worked with me from the beginning my experience would have been better. If all goes well on the 22nd I will be a longtime happy customer of Verizon.

Original review posted by user Sep 17

On 08/02/19 at 2:57pm MST we visited store at 758 E 17th Street Idaho Falls Idaho after visiting Sprint and one another store to pick a company. We decided on Verizon because of the promises of rebate and even upgraded my husbands already owned phone because of those promises.

Aliesha S. (Which the manager told me she moved to another store and so she’s responsible) Told us we would get 150$ rebate on my phone for bringing my phone and 200$ rebate for buying a XR for my husband. She did the rebates herself at the store on 8/2/19. I asked repeatedly about the rebates because I wasn’t doing the deal without them I’d go to Sprint.

Which is why she said she’d do them there to make sure. When we did the unlimited plan I told her we use WiFi a lot so it may be too much. She said there is NO problem switching later if I need to. She never told us “No you have to stay on the unlimited plan to get a rebate for x # of days.

We also had to come into the store on the 13th of September because they gave us an old SIM card with a brand new phone. Which is what Anthony Gardner told us. The SIM card quit working. He showed us it was an old SIM.

So now Verizon is trying not to pay rebates based on us not getting all the information, and incorrect information from their employee.

The store manager Thandol told me @11:57 am on 09/17/19 that he actually talked his boss, wouldn’t give me his name and that by switching my plans back to unlimited today I would receive the rebates no problem. He also earlier told me the 200$ had been approved when in fact it shows its pending. He did an expedited submission on the plan change back. We shall see if I just got more lies.

Now I wait another 45 days to see if I just got lied to and mislead again. The employee Alberto also didn’t even know the store number...he said anyway.

As an employee shouldn’t you know your store number? Hopefully Thandol (the manager) was telling the truth

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Wireless Rebate.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Preferred solution: I want the rebates promised to me and my husband. .

Verizon Wireless Pros: Signal service is good.

Verizon Wireless Cons: False information and inaccurate information on rebates, New xr given with an old sim card that failed in 5 weeks.

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